The Necessity Of Sludge Dewatering

The Necessity Of Sludge DewateringSource: Flickr

There are several steps in the wastewater treatment process that likely go well beyond the expectations of most citizens. Water sanitation is a central aspect of social functionality regardless of overall interest. Without the proper tools and regulations, multiple water sources could end up contaminated, potentially affecting millions. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps to avoid calamity by using systems and processes like sludge dewatering.

1. Dewatering

Sludge dewatering is only a fraction of the water treatment process. Essentially, dewatering is the separation of solid and liquid materials to minimise waste and improve the efficiency of the rest of the process. The dewatering process uses several tools and materials to aid in that separation.

> Plates
> Frames
> Presses
> Geomembranes
> Centrifuges

2. Necessity

While there is a commonly held belief that waste is waste, that is not true. Dewatering is used for waste minimisation. Also, it is used to ensure compliance with governmental regulations and even corporate objectives. The reason water removal is essential to the elimination process is that water adds volume, which equates to increased disposal costs. Therefore, dewatering is not only done in compliance with the law but for economic efficiency.

3. Technology

While there are many types of mechanical dewatering systems available, it is necessary for waste managers to find machines that will suit the requirements of the overall system. Therefore, you need to understand the characteristics, volume and timing of the process. Also, you need to ensure that the machinery is fitted with appropriate belt filter presses, centrifuges and chamber filter presses for each solid and liquid phase.

Sludge dewatering is a necessity of municipalities and certain organisations. The ability to separate solids from liquids means that operations are able to maintain regulatory compliance while simultaneously reducing the cost associated with waste removal and disposal. The dewatering process is not a luxury. It is a requirement of modern day living.