The Power Of Pictures

The Power Of PicturesSource: Pexels

The rapidly growing renewable energy industry is bringing new landscapes to life. Fields of tall wind generators are becoming a common sight along highways around the country. Similarly, large swathes of the countryside are being blanketed with solar panels that collect the sun’s radiation and convert it into electricity. Other longstanding installations of hydroelectric power are still producing megawatts of energy that make for scenic views. These all create opportunities for alternative energy photography and other artistic representations of the rise of renewable energy. Here are the top three states where energy-producing technologies are giving artists opportunities for expression.

1. Washington

An installation that has been part of Washington’s renewable energy scene since 1942. This massive project took 9 years to construct and employed thousands of workers. The end result provides picturesque views of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake reservoir it created as well as the spillway below the dam. Large collections of construction photographs, still provide a unique viewing of one of the largest projects ever undertaken to harness mother nature’s natural energy.

2. California

One of the largest states has been the site of many different types of renewable energy development. These include wind energy projects near the Tehachapi pass in the southern half of the state where older decommissioned wind farms provide opportunities for eerie ghosts of renewable energy’s past. Newer developments in offshore wind energy will give photographers and artists a different backdrop against which to capture these tall stalks and propellers rising above the waves.

3. Texas

In a state known for the catchphrase “everything’s bigger in Texas” projects in renewable energy are no exception. A 100-megawatt solar farm in Andrews county will be laying out 340,000 solar panels on pasture land that historically has been ranch land. Arial views of its patchwork geometric shapes of dark silicon solar cells will provide for new composition possibilities in photographic art.

Opportunities to document and incorporate renewable energy projects as artistic subject matter abound as renewable energy development is on the rise. Artists will undoubtedly find ways to give viewers different perspectives that entertain and inspire.