Tips For Hiring Professional CAD Designers


The processes involved in hiring a CAD designer, are quite similar to the hiring processes experienced by other industries. The slight differences come in the employer’s choice of finding the right candidate or firm to handle his or her computer-aided Design projects. Some employers believe that outsourcing projects through the use of outsourcing websites like Elance, Freelancer etc. is the best process for finding a contractor, while others believe that searching for reputable design firms through the use of search engines provides them with more options for their projects.

Choosing the best method between hiring on outsourcing websites and using search engines to find 2D/3D design firms, will involve conducting a large scale survey which might end up been in-conclusive due to the fact that both methods have their pros and cons. Therefore, I shall choose the middle ground in this article, by providing tips on how individuals and business organisations can find the perfect CAD contractor to handle projects professionally.

What To Consider Before Hiring A CAD Designer

As an employer, having some basic knowledge on what techniques and computer-aided design software would best serve your purposes is encouraged due to the different types of CAD software, available to designers in its industry.


Does your design need fall under the architectural niche or the engineering niche? Or are you a fashion/jewelry designer in need of softcopies to help market your items to a broad range of customers by using the internet?

Your answer to these questions should help you narrow down your search for a designer. This is because an architectural drafter may be able to handle some engineering with the software he or she uses but will definitely not be able to draft most fashion/jewelry designs using traditional architectural 2D/3D CAD software applications.


The amount of time spent working on a particular project type, increases the expertise of the worker and according to , an expert in any field is one who has spent approximately 10,000 hours—after his or her education—practicing in that particular field. Therefore seeking professionals with proven track records of their design expertise is the way to go.

This does not mean that a beginner with the right education cannot professionally execute your projects, therefore when hiring, you can take into consideration the level of expertise and cost of hiring the most experienced drafters before making your final choice.

Training And Education

All extensive CAD software used in designing elaborate projects are known to have quite a steep learning curve which is why most architectural and engineering institutions create separate courses for teaching its use. Therefore, the training received by a contractor or the staff of a drafting firm should be taking into consideration in your decision making process. We all know that individuals may not truthfully tell the whole story about their educational background in a bid to get your job, so going through an outsourcing website to find contractors with verifiable educational backgrounds, will help ease that particular problem.

Reviewing Samples

Outsourcing a project without first checking the contractors work samples is like buying a used car without getting your mechanic to check its performance levels. So take the time to request samples of the contractors work that may have been used on a reputable CAD platform or can be verified as the work of the contractor. This precaution would give you an insight into the type of professional or firm you are outsourcing your drafting project to.

Speed Of Delivery

When outsourcing your projects, letting the contractor know the time deadline you need him or she to work with is also important. This helps the contractor create an adequate time strategy to meet your time requirements. You can also ask the designer for the time duration he or she needs to get the project completed, and then come to a compromise by finding a middle ground that will not affect the quality of your project, while keeping a set deadline in mind.

Bulky Or Small Projects

When outsourcing large CAD drafting projects, it is best that you seek the services of an outsourcing firm that has the capacity, tools and man power to get the job done according to your specifications. Small projects can be comfortably assigned to individuals but bulky design jobs, tend to overwhelm a single contractor.

Ethan is an illustrator and writer at IndiaCADworks. His favorite blogs subjects are CAD Design and 2D Drafting Services. He loves sharing his knowledge with others.

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