Top 6 All Time Best Original Movie Soundtracks

Star Wars Soundtrack

Music makes the movie. Sure, a good script is important, and a cast and crew need to do their parts, but music evokes what body language or words can’t, emotion that makes the movie watching experience special and personal. The film industry has graced us with plenty of memorable soundtracks to stir our hopes, fears, and dreams, but these six take the cake for unforgettable movie soundtracks.

1. Titanic

Titanic Soundtrack

The soundtrack is classic and quite possibly a contributing reason as to why Celine is back in Vegas, doing shows a few nights a week at Caesars Palace. It’s no surprise that the music can be a real tear-jerker, it captures the sense of adventure, the tranquility in the nuances of life, the bittersweet moments of newfound love that is lost too soon, and what is supposed to be a grand celebration that has turned into a tragedy. The music is light, yet powerful, as a ship breaking through waves at sea. It is perfect to the time and era, and to the grandeur of the ship and the voyage.

The soundtrack brought forth the hit ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ calling forth lip singers from every corner of the globe to bust out in a Celine-like fashion. The lyrics to the song are timeless, hopeful and relevant to the persevering human spirit.

2. Rocky and Rocky III

Rocky Soundtrack

Alright, so they are two different soundtracks, but both contain two epic songs that make for an epic series of Rocky movies. If there was an award for best pump-up song, it would have to go to the original Rocky theme song (aka ‘Gonna Fly Now’), which made it to the Billboard Hot 100 in 1977, as you can channel your inner Rocky going up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art with it. And, if ever there was an award for best workout song, not too many people would disagree with the power of ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ Other songs on the soundtracks are also groovy additions.

3. Star Wars

Star Wars Soundtrack

The super recognisable Main Title song was honored in 2005 by the American Film Institute as the most memorable film score of all-time and won John Williams, composer for the first six Star Wars movies, an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Original Score, with good reason. The anticipation is palpable with the iconic, slow crawl of the text in the beginning of the movie, and the music just adds to the excitement and legend of the series.

4. Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

The whole decade of the 70’s wasn’t based on the movie? It’s the other way around? That’s surprising, because when one thinks of the 70’s disco era of the movie, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ has to come to mind. The head bobbing, swagger walk of the young, handsome smooth cat John Travolta to the song ‘Stayin’ Alive’ epitomised and echoed the sounds of the 70’s. Also, who can forget the point and hip thrust step that Travolta performs to the song ‘You Should be Dancing,’ one of the many danceable hits the Bee Gees produced and performed for the movie.

5. The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard Soundtrack

Whitney Houston’s Musical Legacy, with well-known songs such as ‘I Will Always Love You,’ ‘I’m Every Woman,’ ‘Run to You’ and ‘I Have Nothing,’ all of which came from the movie’s soundtrack, speaks for itself, although it did receive the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1994. She is an original diva, and despite the fact that the movie was forgettable, the soundtrack and her powerhouse voice are not.

6. The Sound of Music

Sound of Music Soundtrack

The movie is so iconic, with Julie Andrews running up the hills of Austria, with arms wide open and an even wider smile. Songs like ‘Favourite Things’ and ‘Do-Re-Mi’ are sweet, chipper feel-good classics. It may just be the fact that it’s Julie Andrews singing these songs, as she adds a touch of magic and innocent sincerity to whatever she sings, but, overall, the soundtrack to the Sound of Music is comforting and beautiful.

Perhaps it’s called a ‘score’ because music wins big and does big for movies, no doubt these soundtracks have won our hearts and ears.

Marcela is a freelance writer, mother of three, and music enthusiast, whose writing covers everything on music, health and marketing. Because of her love for music, she will often watch movies for the sole purpose of their soundtracks.

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