Vaudeville Club Opens In Earls Court

Vaudeville Club Opens In Earls Court

A new club looks set to put Earl’s Court on the map – and it’s already pretty exclusive.

Earl’s Court is a lively area with plenty of bars and pubs. Now though, a new arrival looks set to shake things up. Vaudeville is a hot new nightclub that’s sure to make this part of Kensington the place to be. So let’s find out a little about it – and how to ensure you get in.

1. The Club

Vaudeville’s owners have a serious pedigree, being the founders of the legendary Drury Club. It’s not quite fair to compare the two though – Vaudeville is a fantastic club in its own right. Being the only VIP club in the Earl’s Court area elevates it above any local competition, and its location on Trebovir Road means that the party is only a stone’s throw away from the station. Once you’re inside the club, you can look forward to a night of a hip-hop and R&B, along with some DJ sets by some international music legends. There’s an extensive drinks menu too, including premium spirits such as Belvedere and Grey Goose.

2. Getting In

Being one of the most exclusive new nightspots in town, it’s understandably tough to gain entry. So how can you make sure you get past the bouncer? The only way to ensure you get into the club is to get on the Vaudeville guest list or book a table. This will not only guarantee you entry, but you’ll be able to party like a VIP all evening (or until the early hours – the club is open from 9:30pm to 2:30am). Don’t forget to dress to impress too – Vaudeville has a very strict dress code. You won’t get in if you are under-dressed – even if you are on the guest list!

3. Enjoy Your Night!

With the right amount of planning and a killer outfit, you can enjoy partying the night away in London’s hottest new nightclub. By securing your place on the guest list, you can look forward to joining an elite group of clubbers, VIP style.

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