What To Consider When Upgrading Your Factory Flooring

What To Consider When Upgrading Your Factory FlooringSource: Pexels

The foundations of your factory are often instrumental to its success and one area often overlooked despite being under your feet every day is the factory floor itself. Factory flooring must withstand a unique set of challenges and its important to ensure that it is well maintained to keep your employees safe and to ensure maximum productivity. So here are a few things to consider when it’s time for an upgrade.

1. What Does Your Factory Floor Have to Go Through?

Choosing the right floor for your factory comes down to the challenges it needs to stand up to each day.

> Does it need to withstand heavy machinery or constant traffic?
Machinery, traffic, and heavy footfall can quickly wear through most flooring materials. With replacing your factory a floor a big task you will want to ensure that it lasts you as many years as possible.

> Does it need to be regularly cleaned?
Regardless of what it is you are producing it is likely that your floor needs cleaning on a fairly regular basis which means it needs to be a non-porous material.

> Will it be exposed to strong or harsh chemicals?
The harsh chemicals used in many factories can erode unsuitable factory floors leaving cracks and potholes that can cause injury.

By understanding what your floor will need to put up with each day you can then research the right materials to stand up to the job. One of the most popular factory flooring materials is Epoxy Resin, you can find out more about what makes this material so great for factory flooring here – https://impactfloors.co.uk/sectors/factory/

2. When Can You Have the New Floor Installed?

Your factory floor literally sits underneath your daily operation which means that replacing it could lead to unaffordable downtime. Does your factory operate 24 hours a day or could the work be done out of hours? Where will you store machinery and equipment while the floor is being laid? Does your flooring provider have experience with laying flooring within a narrow window of time and are they committed to getting you back up and running as quickly as possible? You may not be able to answer all of these questions straight away but rest assured that a competent flooring provider will be able to offer you insight as to how they have completed similar projects before.

3. Who Will You Employ to Install it?

There’s no hiding the fact that installing a good quality factory floor is an investment, albeit a very worthwhile one. But as with any investment you will want to make sure that the people in charge of delivering it are going to do a good job. Be sure to research your flooring provider and find out whether they have experience with installing similar factory floors to the one you require and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure of anything yourself. At the end of the day, your flooring provider is here to help you and will want to ensure that your floor installation runs as smoothly as possible.