What To Look For In An SSL Certificate

What To Look For In An SSL CertificateSource: Pexels

Although the Internet is far from being a safe place, one area of e-commerce that has been fairly secure since the 1990s would be SSL encryption. 

SSL encryption is a system that locks your website’s transactional data into a encrypted transmission that makes your site safe for the uninitiated user. 

Here are some things that you can look for in an SSL certificate when you go to add a website hosting partner:

1. Validation

Although there are private companies that have proprietary schemes that allow for validation of a security model, the overall https secure site encryption process is normally adequate enough for most businesses.

The idea with validation is that your secure site certificate can be verified by an Internet authority when you purchase it through the right parties. Once it is validated by those authorities checking on your actual website for the file that you are using, every client that visits your website will have that file checked against a central database that says that it has been validated and they are safe to use your e-commerce system.

What remains perplexing to many people that have businesses is that if the https process that is on the market is so successful at stopping hackers and pirates, why are so many companies losing online information to the bad guys?

The answer is that those bad guys are actually getting information by breaking into your firm and hitting what they call edge security practices and other computing areas. If it were possible to create an https-like security structure for the additional areas that are under attack, it would be the case that you would likely hear about hacking attempts less.

2. Easy Installation

Although encryption is a very complex thing when you start looking at the details, in some cases, you do not have to worry about it being a difficult implementation process. Register.com is one example of a firm that has developed a system to make it easy to install certificates on your website when you purchase an SSL security certificate through them.

For business owners, being able to develop your website and then purchase an SSL certificate that can be installed by just following a couple of easy steps and clicking on options means that you will definitely save time and money getting your ecommerce site where it needs to be.

3. Multi-site

If you are a company that has several different products, one of the confusing purchasing scenarios involves trying to get several different SSL certificates for several sites. Fortunately, it is possible for you to purchase what is known as a multi-site certificate that allows you to apply the same certificate to all of your sites without having to repeat the same process.

Multi-site certificates are a function of the hosting partner that you are working with. If they aren’t able to supply them, you might consider looking at a partner that can. Again, you will save time and money with them.

SSL security is one of the most successful security models ever implemented. It is unfortunate that other parts of computer security have created a mess for many online retailers. At the same time, if you do find a strong website hosting partner with a good SSL implementation and do get extra help covering the other parts of your systems, you should emerge more secure in the eyes of your customers and employees.