Where Are The Best Places To Advertise Your Medical Practice?

Where Are The Best Places To Advertise Your Medical Practice?Source: Pexels

If you run a medical practice then, just like any other business, you will need to attract customers otherwise, no matter how good you are, you will go out of business. You should be looking at taking a multi-pronged approach to advertising and promotion as not all your potential customers will be able to be reached through one, single strategy. If you run a specialist practice, such as in pediatrics, then you should tailor your approach to reflect this, for example, look for places parents would see your ads.

1. Local TV or Radio

It’s an old classic but local media is still an area where the reach is huge. Radio is listened to by a whopping 93% of the population and even more amongst millennials and generation X coming in at 95% and 97% respectively. So although not a new or flashy medium it is still one of the most highly effective ways of getting exposure.

2. The Newspaper

Surely not, the print newspaper is a dead duck, surely? Well, indeed, newspaper circulation is down, in general, there is no denying that the facts are there if you wish to look them up. But it is still the aim of any aspiring journalist to work for a prestigious magazine or newspaper. But what you may be missing is that there is a certain demographic that is hard to reach by other methods, the elderly. It is the main source of news and information for so many over the age of 70, so especially if you are looking for these types of patients, and they need medical attention much more than other groups, then this is a great strategy.

3. Online

It’s no surprise that online is the big one. That’s where everyone looks for everything these days, after all. So it’s important to have a good, comprehensive strategy and you should think about employing a specialist, such as Phase 5 Analytics, who do this specifically for the medical industry.

4. Sponsor Local Sports Teams or Events

If you sponsor local sports teams or events it can be another way of reaching a family audience. Anything from the kid’s softball teams to the local fete can be on the lookout for generous local firms to pay sponsorship and, in return, get their name and logo on the team shirts or the banners and website for the events. This has the double impact of getting your name out there and also showing you support the local community at the same time.

5. Word of Mouth

After all of these other efforts, it’s important to keep a good reputation and this way you will have a good amount of word of mouth recommendation hopefully. To be sure that all of your customers are happy it’s a good idea to regularly pass out customer satisfaction surveys and, of course, respond to criticisms in a cordial and understanding way, attempting to find out the cause of the upset and how to remedy it.