Why Customer Safety Should Not Play Second Fiddle To Employee Safety

Why Customer Safety Shouldn’t Play Second Fiddle To Employee SafetySource: Flickr

There are a lot of articles written about the need to keep your employees safe. But what about your customers? In many states, it’s the law the keep your customers safe. And what’s more, as the proprietor of an establishment, you’re not able to delegate the task to anybody else. If you own it, it’s your responsibility.

As such, customer safety presents a serious risk for your business. If a customer were to get hurt on your premises, you could be liable to a lawsuit. This is why it’s so important to take measures to protect customers wherever possible.

Some companies, especially those who work in offices, have a mindset where they think that things will never go wrong for them. But bitter experience shows that this kind of ignorance can lead to serious financial repercussions down the road, especially if a customer gets hurt by something avoidable.

Many places of work appear harmless, but there are often dozens of potential hazards that owners haven’t considered. Here’s how to mitigate risks to customers interacting with your business.

1. Put Stickers On All Glass Doors

Today’s modern companies want to look the part. They want to be flashy and stylish and impress clients with their stunning offices and incredible decor. But great style can have its drawbacks. Not all of your customers will have great eyesight. For some, their eyesight might be failing. As a result, if you have a lot of glass doors, you could potentially be putting customers at risk. A customer could walk straight into a glass door and injure themselves, perhaps seriously.

The current advice is to put stickers on all glass doors so that they are visible. Try putting full-length stickers on glass doors with the company logo or artwork suitable for the rest of your premises.

2. Install Bollards Outside Entrances

Why Customer Safety Shouldn’t Play Second Fiddle To Employee Safety

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As streets become busier and busier, the chance of a collision outside your premises between a vehicle and a customer is increasing. One way to mitigate this risk is to erect steel bollards outside your front entrance, preventing a car from veering off the street and plowing straight into your lobby. You can find out more about steel pipe here, but suffice to say, it’s one of the strongest and most robust materials out there for creating bollards that prevent injury and death.

3. Monitor Spills

Spills are a major cause of injury in businesses and a leading reason for customer lawsuits. To protect yourself against spills, monitor each spill and find out how long it took to identify and clean up. Also, record spills if possible to prove your innocence in the event that an accident happened immediately after a spill. Video evidence will show that you couldn’t have done anything to prevent the injury.

4. Clear Up External Surfaces

Most businesses are getting good at keeping their interior surfaces clutter-free. However, when it comes to exterior surfaces, many are lacking. Customers, however, can trip and fall in both, so it’s important to keep your yard and parking lot free from logs and debris.