Why You Need Physical Promotional Campaigns, Even If You Have A Strong Online Presence

Physical Promotional CampaignsPhotograph: Corey McPherson Nash

In a day and age that’s increasingly characterised by digitalised marketing techniques, just what degree of importance should business owners place upon physical promotional campaigns when they already have a strong online presence, i.e. a professional website that effectively enhances visibility?

Although opinions on the subject differ, the general consensus among industry experts is, provided that a business isn’t one hundred percent online based, that there’s still a very real need for physical promotional campaigns.

The Reach Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing enjoys an often incomparable reach to other forms of marketing though there are still areas in which it’s unable to successfully infiltrate, a prominent reason for continuing to invest in physical promotions even though your business might already enjoy a strong online presence that’s been working well for you.

Whilst digital marketing can spread the reach of your business to all four corners of the globe, just how effective is it at increasing knowledge of your business in your local area?

That’s a dilemma affecting many business owners who operate bricks-and-mortar offices or stores, because although they can use digital marketing techniques to raise awareness of their website or online store, and it’s highly recommendable to do so, if they want to target people in their local area, like people passing by their office or store, then digital marketing simply isn’t effective at all.

Consequently, business owners turn to physical promotions to attract the attention of passers-by and people in their local area.

Flyers And Leaflets

Flyers and leaflets have long proven to be effective forms of physical promotions and there are a number of ways that they can be distributed to enhance the exposure your business receives in your local area.

You can partner with other local businesses so as to leave flyers and leaflets in each other’s offices and stores, hand out flyers and leaflets at local events like fairs and sports matches and you can also target the local shopping centre or mall on weekends when they’re teeming with potential clients and customers.

Banners And Flags

Banners and flags are also incredibly effective at drawing attention to your place of business – just think of how much attention and interest in your business you can generate with eye catching teardrop flags and banners prominently displayed outside your place of business.

However, your promotional banners and flags don’t need to be restricted to the exterior of your workplace, and if you operate on a street that sees little in the way of foot traffic, placing banners and flags in locations that draw attention to your office or store will prove an effective means of enhancing visibility.

Posters And Stickers

Posters and stickers should be used differently and although much has been made of ‘guerrilla advertising’, don’t forget that as your promotional posters and stickers will bear your business name and address the local authorities won’t find it difficult to find you if your promotional efforts infringe upon local regulations concerning the posting of advertising materials in public places.

Promotional posters are an excellent way of targeting consumers around your local area at bus stops, the local train station and other places that see a lot of commuters, passers-by and foot traffic, though due the legality of posting posters and advertising materials you’ll need to apply for approval or work with a local advertising agency that sells advertising space.

Although you might already enjoy a strong digital presence, don’t forget that there are a number of ways to enhance the visibility of your small business and that it’s important to diversify your marketing efforts to include physical promotions.

Eleanor works for Dynamic Gift, an enterprise that manufactures many products themselves and is a reliable supplier of a selection of Teardrop Flags, compendiums, clothing, and other promotional items in Australia.

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