Winning Destinations From Travel Photography In 2016

Winning Destinations From Travel Photography In 2016Source: Pexels

Traveling is a great experience for those with curious minds and souls for a wide range of reasons. First, it offers us the chance to explore the world we live in and discover the most amazing destinations to visit. Second, this is the perfect way of acquiring new history and cultural knowledge by listening to short stories told by locals eager to share their customs and traditions with the rest of the world.

Finally, any new traveling adventure across the world allows us to create great memories for ourselves and share them with family members and friends from back home through amazing photographs and videos we can take wherever we go. Today we have considered the outlook of travel photography for 2016 and have discovered gorgeous destinations that have emerged as winners. Let’s see more about these below.

1. Winning Destinations for their Featured Beauty in Breathtaking Photos

One of the amazing locations from across the world where thousands of tourists have travelled thus year is Mono Lake. Among those travellers have also been talented photographers interested in capturing the beauty of this amazing destination in real works of art created with their professional cameras. Strange angles, secret talents and the perfect eye for beauty and culture and the elements that have ensured a winning place in terms of 2016 photography for this shallow, saline soda lake in California.

Winning Destinations From Travel Photography In 2016

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This amazing lake was formed 760.000 years ago in what became known as an endorheic basin. High levels of salt are featured in it which makes the water alkaline and creates a gorgeous scenery to admire and capture in photos and videos. It is famous for its natural limestone which makes it the most active worldwide resource of this type.
Numerous gorgeous pictures have been taken there by talented artists as well as regular tourists who have managed to capture its beauty in new, surprising ways. This destination has reached top places in various travel photography 2016 competitions and its beauty has been revealed to the world in ways that we can only admire.

2. The Magic of Cape Town in Photos and the Souls of Curious Travellers

Another great tourist destination that is widely admired by tourists and artists from across the world is Cape Town. It features a unique kind of beauty given by its breathtaking landscapes and welcoming locals ready to share their history with those who want to discover new world mysteries.

This is the perfect location to plan a marvellous trip in which your mind and soul will be fed with beauty and perfect relaxation. It is also the land of magic for professional photographers interested in creating unique works of art for the public. Surprising the gorgeous scenery in new, mysterious ways is their job. Our job is to admire their talent and the way in which they portray the gorgeous destinations of the world for any curious soul looking to find beauty in everything he experiences.

Winning Destinations From Travel Photography In 2016

Source: Flickr

There are numerous great pictures that have been taken in Cape Town this year and which represent a great source of inspiration for tourists and other artists looking to find inspiration for their future works of art. Viewing Cape Town from an aerial tram rising gorgeously up the side of Table Mountain can only be a thrilling visualising experience. Also, seeing a climber rappelling down a portion of the imposing mountains can only be a treat for the eye of people looking to discover the magic of such locations in photos taken by professionals.

Not to mention the great photos that have been taken at the seaside resort of Clifton, a location found close to Cape Town and which has been chosen by thousands of world travellers this year. Seeing how this gorgeous resort seems to hug the western slope of Table Mountain can only make a great material for award winning pictures taken by talented photographers who know how to capture the magic of any place.

Overall, 2016 has been a year of innovation in all possible industries. Photography has not been an exception to this rule and this has been well-proven by award winning photos taken by artists and simple tourists across the globe. You can also take a gorgeous photo in a Cape Town luxury villa or any other amazing destination in the world and be proud to present others what you have seen and managed to immortalise during your trip.