10 Ways To Boost Public Relations

Public Relations

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Public Relations is crucial to your business because it spreads awareness about your brand, thereby enhancing sales in the future. The idea behind a PR campaign is to make the most of the media available to a specialist and reach out to your target audience, creating a positive image about your company and products. If you want to see tangible results from your PR campaign then there are some basic strategies you can employ to set the ball rolling.

1. It’s Important To Know The Media

If you want to be featured in a particular type of media then it helps to take the effort to know more about it; be it in print, TV or radio medium. In case you are in the fashion business then you are advised to read up the fashion segment of a magazine to have a fair idea of how you’d want to be featured in it. The same is true for TV and Radio news related to the subject and you can go through several fashion and lifestyle blogs as well.

It’s also important to realise that most journalists have a particular beat; hence when you read a byline covering the topic that interests your company you should make a note of it. You can get contact information for this particular journalist from the media outlet’s website or board line. Once you start getting into the mindset of reaching out to journalists you will have a target list of media professionals that would be interested in covering your business.

2. Work On Story Angles

Getting connected with journalists is one thing, selling your stories by making them interesting is quite another. Your story has to have a unique angle so that it will be picked up by the media and given due coverage. If there have been new launches in the company, if there are any new trends you want to talk about; these can be good story angles that will make an impact. On the other hand work on oft-repeated stories can be a waste of your time.

3. Form Useful Alliances

It’s also a good idea to find strategic partners who can handle some of the PR responsibilities for you. It could be manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or outlets; anyone who has an interest in the success of your business can be involved in this strategy. For example, if you have launched a new product it will have to be shipped by a distributor. You can keep the distributor in the loop so that the news can be pushed further from his end. The cardinal rule here is that good news for you means good news for your partners; hence they should have no problems pooling in behind your PR campaign.

4. Make The Effort To Reach Out

If you have a story idea then you need to put it together in an email that will make the right impression. Make sure it is compelling and concise so that its impact is not lost. There’s no need to go too much into details because if reporters are interested, they ask for them anyways. You can also position yourself as an expert on the subject and make yourself available to express your opinion when needed. It can get you coverage on TV, radio, blogs and print, which will be free publicity for your brand and company.

5. Keep Working On Your PR

It’s a good thing that you have managed to get a story out and it has brought you the desired audience. You have also managed to get additional interest and sales in the process. But you can’t just stop here as there is a lot more you can achieve through your PR. By offering opinions to media professionals when needed and building a strong bond with them, you can do your company a huge favour. And once that happens, you can come up with more story ideas so that you can keep benefitting from them.

6. Network In The Right Places

You also need to understand that Public Relations is not just about making your presence felt in the media. It’s only one aspect of it but cannot be the whole strategy. You will have to think about mingling with the right contacts and people in the business. Since you have a lot on your plate it might not always be possible, but you have to take the effort to go to trade associations, business events where you have a chance to determine where groups of your customers belong. You can be the biggest PR representative for your company.

7. Pay Attention To Employee Relations

They are the backbone and the face of your company in many ways. You might have launched a sensational new product but if your employees haven’t been briefed about it then they won’t be able to convey it to your customers. Look at your employees as a point of contact with your customers and take the effort to train them. They should be ahead of the curve as far as your launches and strategies are concerned. That’s the only way they can pass on the information to your customers.

8. Community Relations Matter

And that’s particularly true for smaller businesses that need to reach out to the local community. You can do that in the form of sponsorship, work experience placements, product giveaways, or taking part in a local sports competition for that matter. You also need to make a record of these efforts so that they can be used as smart PR devices for you.

9. Trade Shows Are A Brilliant Option

In fact many consider it to be super package of PR tools that you can use to your advantage. You can make the most out of these events by putting together press releases, media kits, public speaking platforms, Social Media and websites to ensure that you get the eyeballs with product launches etc. You can also use it to reaffirm your core products.

10. Public Events Are Important

They offer you a platform to work on a relationship with a particular organization or an individual. You also have an opportunity to speak publicly and reach out to a much larger audience.

If you want to make the right impact with your Public Relations, you have to take a comprehensive approach towards it. Media relations are an important aspect of PR, but the buck doesn’t stop there and it’s up to you to get maximum gains out of it.

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