11 Amazing Android Apps That Will Keep You Safe At Work

11 Amazing Android Apps That Will Keep You Safe At WorkSource: Pixabay

Health and safety in the workplace is something that every business has a duty to take seriously. We’re constantly learning about the dangers that are out there, and safety in the workplace is crucial. Now, we’re able to benefit from the wonders of technology to find additional ways to keep ourselves safe.

So, whether you’re a business owner or an employee for a company, there are lots of apps that might just prove useful for you. We’ve collated some of the best and put them together in a handy list for you. You’re welcome!

1. SafeSite

11 Amazing Android Apps That Will Keep You Safe At Work

Source: Pixabay

For those who require safety management in industries such as construction, SafeSite might well come in useful. It allows managers to record and communicate safety procedures from the field. There’s also something called the Safesite Safety Analysis Dashboard which can report on live data. It does this to predict the risk of any potential incidents, and help to prevent them from occurring. There are plenty more additions like weekly safety reports and custom checklists on offer, too. It’s totally free, which is also a bonus.

2. Occupational Health and Safety

This app has a variety of uses for a number of different countries. It’s particularly relevant for Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. Firstly, it actually acts as a job board for anyone who is looking for a health and safety job in those countries. However, it also has plenty of other uses. It provides tips about the best training procedures and best practices on a regular basis. It also includes Facebook and Twitter discussions within the app. Yet again, this is a free offering.

3. Asbestos Awareness e-Learning

The dangers of asbestos are vast. Without proper education on the subject, it could be causing severe damage to those who inhabit working premises. And, if a business owner puts their employees at risk, you better believe that asbestos lawyers will get involved. After all, it has the ability to cause life-threatening illnesses including cancer. So, that’s why we’ve put this app on the list. Asbestos Awareness will provide you with all the info you need to know about Asbestos in the workplace. The free version is limited, but the pro version contains the full course.

4. iAuditor – Safety Checklists

The Google Play page for this app suggests that iAuditor has been used to “conduct over 35,000 safety inspections per day in over 80 countries.” It’s also the world’s most popular inspection checklist app. Basically; it’s an in-depth checklist offering that allows you to tailor your safety inspections with lots of detail. You can pay a little extra for additional features, but the majority of what’s on offer is free to use. You can even export your reports to PDF format, and open them on a traditional PC later.

5. Rice HSE

This isn’t an app that you’re going to be using extensively, but it might just provide a few handy hints. Rice HSE is a reminder app that will offer notifications on a timed basis. When the notification pops up, you’ll get a handy HSE hint to contribute to your workplace’s safety levels. It should also be noted that the tips are “based on common safety regulations (in the oil & gas industry). Sometimes, you don’t need a fully-featured app experience. The odd reminder now and again is more than efficient for some.

6. OHS Safety Compliance Survey

11 Amazing Android Apps That Will Keep You Safe At Work

Source: Pixabay

The Easy OHS Compliance Survey provides those who are working in health and safety management to tick off their requirements. It lists a number of health and safety concerns that must be adhered to. It also creates colourful graphs to indicate the results of your survey, showing areas of improvement. Ultimately, it’s a great way of slowly bringing your compliance levels into line with where they need to be. The Paid version contains more functionality, but the free one is more than enough for most people.

7. Mold 101: Health & Safety App

Mould is something that can prove to be potentially damaging for any business. Unfortunately, we don’t always learn how to treat it in the right way. Because of this, it comes back with a vengeance, causing more problems down the line. This app is a resource for anyone who has to deal with mould on a regular basis. It can teach you about mould and how to identify the different types, for example. It also gives health and safety precautions and tells you how to go about the cleanup process. It’s well-rated, it’s free, and it’s worth a download.

8. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

You’re probably looking at this title and wondering what on earth alcohol has to do with safety at work. The reality for many of us is that we spend a lot of our working days on the road. Unless we’ve got a problem, it’s unlikely that we’re going to be drinking during work times, of course. However, what about the night before? What if you fancied a drink in the evening, and you don’t know whether you’re over the limit in the morning? AlcoDroid can help to track your blood alcohol levels to help give an indication of whether it’s safe to drive. It’s useful for both your work life and your home life, and might just indicate patterns of behaviour that need to be stopped. Keep in mind, however, that it isn’t fully accurate – only a breathalyser or blood test can provide those results.

9. Incident Cost Calculator

Let’s put a scenario into your mind for a second. Say you’re working second in command below the boss of the company. You notice a serious hazard that needs to be rectified quickly. Your boss brushes it off, saying that it isn’t as bad you think. This is the perfect time for you to point them in the direction of the Incident Cost Calculator. It gives you a way of identifying all the financial aspects of a potential incident. It will uncover both obvious and hidden costs that you won’t have thought about. Hopefully, it will be enough to convince your boss that they need to take safe working seriously.

10. UIG Toolbox Meetings

If the business wants to be able to manage health and safety effectively, it needs to carry out meetings from time to time. Those safety meetings then need to be documented, and this is usually done via a pad of paper. If you’re lucky, it might even be done via a Word document. Still, for a reason as important as this, it’s beneficial to go the extra mile. That’s what UIG Toolbox Meetings will provide you with. It offers features like audio recordings of the entire meeting. It can also send email confirmations and reports to those who take part. That’s just the tip of the iceberg – UIG Toolbox Meetings offers all sorts of features.

11. Push The Button

Our last recommendation is also the most simple one. Fire safety is crucially important for any business. There are plenty of resources you can find to ensure you’re complying with regulations, but we’re going to take a different slant. Fire alarms are often neglected by both home and business owners alike. You might just find yourself in a situation where it could save the life of multiple employees. If you or the company isn’t complying with procedures, that fire alarm’s inability to operate could be disastrous. This app by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service provides a timed reminder to check your fire alarm. It’s as simple as that!

Have you found any great safety apps that we haven’t included on this list? Let us know!