3 Jobs You Need To Outsource Today

3 Jobs You Need To Outsource TodaySource: Flickr

Knowing when to call in the experts could be the make or break of any business, and it has broken many. According some sources, reliable ones at that, 9 out of 10 startup businesses will fail. Not struggle, but fail. That is a huge number! To put that into a little perspective, imagine walking down a street where there are ten stores. Each of them looks as busy as they can be, and all ten are hives of activity.

The next day, same street and only one store left standing. All of the others are just gone, even the bricks holding them up were sold off to pay debtors. How bleak is that landscape?

Just yesterday they all looked successful, so what happened? It’s quite simple really, and it’s all a matter of perspective. Busy does not mean productive. If you are running around your business, putting out fires, who is running the place? Who is doing the actual work that needs to go out, because it isn’t you?

Most startups fail for one of three reasons:

1. Money dries up before they can get to market, or they got to market too late to turn meaningful profit before the money ran out

2. The services they are offering just isn’t wanted, or they are selling to the wrong crowd

3. They have too few people, doing too many jobs

Which of these is your business going to fall under? The odds aren’t in your favour, let’s be honest. But, if you take care of the third you might give yourself time to fix the first two before they become a threat.

Full-time staffing is expensive, and you can’t expect people to work for free. The next best option is getting people to work only when you need them. In other words, outsourcing.

The top three people, whose duties need to be done properly, that you need to outsource to are:

1. Digital marketers

2. SEO experts

3. Website designers

Each discipline is vital for the success of a company in today’s connected world, and the jobs they do need to be done expertly. With these three experts, the top three reasons for startups stopping are taken care of. Your website designer will make that your site looks and performs exactly as it should, SEO will ensure that the mechanisms for being discovered are firmly in place. That’s getting to market sorted, and with a marketer you will be selling to the right people everywhere.

3 Jobs You Need To Outsource Today 2

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All of this leads to one thing, the reason you even started down this path. Running and managing your actual services are going to much more pleasant from here, and this is where you need to focus really on the services and making sure that they are beyond reproach in every single way.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be a complicated affair either; it is no different than hiring and instructing a regular employee. In fact, it can be quite liberating knowing that the important, but distracting things are in safe hands. You won’t need it, but good luck!