3 Key Elements Of Online Marketing That You Need To Employ Now

3 Key Elements Of Online Marketing That You Need To Employ NowSource: Flickr

As far as the marketing game is concerned, there is no paper trail left to be found anymore. In the digital age, all of your advertising needs are largely taken care of online. Traditional marketing, at least as we knew it, is dead.

With the internet comes an audience of millions just a few clicks away. That’s the reason it’s so important to invest your time wisely in planning online strategies to target this audience. Forget renting ad space in your local newspaper or full billboard spreads. Online, you have the potential to reach unprecedented numbers worldwide. That is, as long as you’re armed with the right tools.

Previously, we looked at understanding your presence online and utilising your unique tone of voice. Now, let’s examine the different ways you can reach your prospects.

1. Pay-Per-Click

There are few areas of online advertising as misunderstood as PPC. Before you even begin to worry about conversion rates, you need to get eyes on your product. And what’s the most effective way to make sure you get enough bang for your buck? Not by paying for the impressions you make, but relative to your click-through rate.

PPC advertising is mostly beneficial for those obsessive types (like us). The ones want to track exactly where their traffic is coming from and why. Armed with that knowledge, you can then make adjustments depending on the strengths or weaknesses of your PPC campaign.

The most popular outlet of PPC advertising is Google Adwords. You’re essentially buying eyeballs on your link, but there’s more to consider than that. In order to be most effective, you need well-targeted ads. This means aiming for your chosen demographic and appearing on sites that you think generate the kind of traffic you want to appeal to.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

At this stage, we’re sure you’ve heard all about SEO and why it’s important, but do you really understand just what it means?

Search Engine Optimisation pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. As a result of a number of different tactics (some frowned upon), you can manipulate the search rankings, within reason. Logic dictates that the higher your website appears for a search term, the more scope you have on reach.

Jumping head-first into the world of SEO isn’t advised. More often than not, you’re going to be overwhelmed with information and could make a costly mistake that comes back to haunt you. Google, in particular, is making a conscious effort to crack down on perpetrators looking to exploit their algorithm. Enlisting the help of a specialist, like Maverick Web Marketing, is a far better way to keep things white-hat.

3. Social Media Campaigns

The popularity of social media is at an all-time high. I bet you’d struggle to name many people that aren’t active on at least one platform. Such is the potential reach of social media and why so many companies are using it to their advantage.

And it’s not just a place to promote your brand – it’s a way to create a distinct identity. By being personable and keeping on top of trends, you increase the likelihood of being ‘followed.’ And if somebody is interested enough in your brand to follow your updates, the battle is already won. You should employ a social media tactician that knows popular culture inside out. What may seem like fooling around is actually a form of advertising. Check out these social media accounts for inspiration.