3 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Repeat Visitors

3 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Repeat VisitorsSource: Flickr

Getting people to visit your website is one of the major marketing challenges that any business faces, but even if you do manage to get people to come, your work isn’t done. Once you get people there, you need to get them to come back. People aren’t likely to buy anything on their first visit to a site so having loads of first time visitors might look good on paper but it’s not translating into sales. If you’re finding that people aren’t coming back for another visit, where they might buy something, you’re making mistakes somewhere. These are some of the reasons why you aren’t getting repeat visitors and what you can do about it.

1. Your Site Is Too Slow

We’ve all been there, you’re on a site and you click on a new page and then sit there for 5 minutes while you wait for it to load. People are very impatient when they’re online and if a new page doesn’t load in a couple of seconds, they’ll get bored and go elsewhere. This problem is particularly damaging if it happens while people are trying to browse your products because they want to have a quick scan over everything you’ve got and then they’ll go away and decide whether they want to buy something. If you’re running WordPress site, you’re probably experiencing slow loading times because it can’t handle the number of visitors you’re getting. You can easily rectify that problem by using a CDN for wordpress. A CDN is a content delivery network which introduces more servers that are closer to the customer and it will improve loading times on your site no end. A site that runs smoothly is far more likely to get repeat visitors.

2. You Don’t Have An Email List

Sometimes people don’t come back to your site because they just forget about it. They’ve probably been on at least 10 other websites that day and if yours doesn’t stand out, they won’t remember you. Email lists are a great way around this problem because you can give people a little nudge and remind them. Encourage people to sign up to your email list when you’re on their site and then in a couple of days, send them an email and remind them that they were looking at something on your site. If you send them an offer for that particular product as well, they’re far more likely to come back and buy it.

The best way to get people to sign up to your email list is to use a pop-up. People often steer clear of pop-ups when they’re designing their website because they think that customers hate them. While it’s true that people are annoyed by advertising pop-ups, email list pop-ups actually give pretty good results, it only takes a second to type in their email and then they can get back to browsing.

3. You Don’t Have A Strong Brand

Another way to make sure that people don’t forget about you is to build a strong brand. If your site doesn’t have a clear identity, it won’t stick in their mind. However, if you use a good colour scheme and clever design to create a unique brand, they’re more likely to remember you.

These are the 3 main reasons that you aren’t getting repeat visitors on your website. Fix these problems and you’ll see an increase in sales in no time.