3 Resolutions Your Company Should Consider Making

3 Resolutions Your Company Should Consider MakingSource: Flickr

We might be past the point in the calendar when people are making new year’s resolutions, but this doesn’t mean it’s too late to set some clear objectives for your business to help promote its success and make it stronger in 2016. Here are three resolutions your businesses may benefit from making.

1. Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plans

Especially if things are going well right now for your company, disaster recovery might be the last thing on your mind. However, failing to plan for potential problems is the undoing of far too many firms. The fact is, you never know what’s around the corner. There is always a risk that your business will be affected by unforeseen complications. Whether it’s extreme weather, a break-in, a fire or a power failure, a range of dangers face your company – which is why it’s so important to have a robust disaster recovery plan in place. This could include making sure you have a database backup and establishing an emergency base where you can work if your premises are not useable. You might also benefit from having a standby power solution in place. For example, you can install a backup diesel generator that will kick into action if the mains cut out. There are lots of models available and the process of choosing can be confusing. If you need guidance on this issue, you can contact specialists like ADE Ltd to discuss your requirements.

As well as making sure you have suitable backup systems in place, it’s important to decide who within your firm will declare a disaster and to ensure that everyone knows what they need to do under these circumstances. In addition, you should rehearse and update your recovery plan on a regular basis.

2. Hone Your Marketing Techniques

Effective marketing is crucial for all companies. With this in mind, now could be the time to enhance your promotional efforts. You may need to rebalance your marketing strategy to more effectively target your customer base. For example, if you’re trying to reach out to people online but your website is underperforming in search engine results pages, you might need to devote more resources to improving your SEO techniques. Meanwhile, if you’re not taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded to you by social media, it might be worth investing more in these campaigns. If you lack experience when it comes to marketing, whether you want to appeal to customers over the internet, in print, via radio or TV, or face-to-face, you could use the services of third-party specialists. This can help you to enhance your promotional strategy while also freeing up more of your time to focus on other tasks.

3. Find Ways to Cut Your Costs

Cutting your costs may be another priority for your business. Spending too much on anything from your premises to your power can spell disaster for the long-term success of your firm. If you think you’re splashing too much cash at present, take some time to audit your expenses and find ways to bring your bills down. Perhaps you could benefit from relocating to cheaper premises, and wherever you’re based, it’s worth looking at ways to raise your energy efficiency. Simply switching from traditional incandescent bulbs to LEDs can make you substantial savings. You might also benefit from renegotiating deals with your suppliers – and if you’re not satisfied that the firms you are dealing with are giving you the best possible value for money, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere.