3 Smartphone Apps That Can Keep You Safe

3 Safe Smartphone Apps

Your smartphone can serve you in a number of ways. Not only can you stay connected to your friends and family via phone calls and text messaging, you can also download a number of apps that can help you in your everyday life.

Many of these include apps that fall under categories that can keep you safe. These are well worth exploring if you are feeling wary and need an added sense of security.

1. Silent Alarm USA

Silent Alarm USA is 99 cents on the iTunes App Store and is a great app to have on your iPhone if you are concerned for your safety. It is easy to use and simply requires a press of a button on your device. From there, the app will call for help and send SOS signals with your location. It is worth noting that this app will only work when you have a data connection or access to Wi-Fi.

When you activate Silent Alarm USA, the app will send your emergency message to all of your contacts that you have selected within it and post the message on your Facebook wall.

2. Alarm.com

Alarm.com is one of the top security apps for Android smartphones and iPhone. It is one of the Security Systems Las Vegas has to offer and it is one of the more popular systems available in the United States.

Along with the system itself, you can continuously monitor your home and control many facets within, thanks to the app. View the cameras in real-time, set a temperature on your thermostat, automate your security panel with a touch of a button, turn lights on or off, lock or unlock doors and much more.

3. Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit is a great free app available for Windows Phones that is essential to have in the event of an unexpected emergency. It provides you and others with a list of all the most critical information on you, such as your blood type, allergies, medications you take, emergency contacts and much more.

For instance, if you are injured in an accident, emergency responders will be able to view your information. Your emergency contacts are even displayed on a personal lock screen, even if your smartphone is locked.

When you have all of these apps at your disposal, you will feel safe and secure. Make sure to keep these apps handy, where you can easily reach them.