3 Steps To A More Pleasant Working Environment

3 Steps To A More Pleasant Working Environment 3Source: Flickr

It seems odd when you type it out, but the truth is that people are often comfortable with discomfort at work. Let me explain that. It means that an unpleasant office environment is usually expected, and people are usually told to just put up with it. It’s work, after all. It’s not supposed to be fun.

The thing is that work doesn’t need to be unpleasant. If your office creates bad vibes for the employees, the chances are it could be solved. So many work problems can actually be resolved by the employer.

We’re not talking about turning your office into a big party, with beer allowed at desks and clothes-optional dress policies. We’re simply talking about removing bad elements from your office. After all, the best workers are the happiest workers.

So here are some of the common office gripes that you can resolve as an employer.

1. Get Rid of the Bad Apples

3 Steps To A More Pleasant Working Environment

Source: Flickr

An unpleasant co-worker is a complete productivity killer for those around them. These office villains annoy people is a variety of ways. Maybe they’re talkative and loud, thus distracting others from their own work. Maybe they’re lazy. if they’re not doing the right amount of work, and you haven’t done anything about it yet, others will be less motivated to work as hard. Maybe they’re just plain mean or passive-aggressive. Negativity spreads like a miserable fire.

If you have some of these people in your company, speak to them about their behaviour. Don’t be afraid; you are their boss, after all. Get them to behave. And if they’re still acting the same after a few weeks, get rid of them. Make sure others know they were fired for flagrant misbehaviour, though. An unjustified firing can be distracting in its own right.

2. Get the Technology Working Right

3 Steps To A More Pleasant Working Environment 2

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A computer that doesn’t work properly is worse than being given no computer at all. I’m not sure who first said that, but surely we’ve all felt it. Remember that time your computer crashed and you lost all your work? It felt like it would have been worth not having a computer just to have avoided that frustration.

The same goes for your Internet connection. If your employees need to use the Internet to do their job, don’t make them suffer through torturous download speeds. An office is expected to be using the fastest Internet connection available. Consider doing a survey across the office to discover the technological complaints. Then get an IT company like YJT Solutions to fix the issues.

3. Regulate the Temperature

A shivering employee is an unhappy employee. (In fact, studies have shown that they can also get mean and paranoid, too.) Not only that, but their shaking hands won’t be able to type properly. Surely you can’t have that? Similarly, having too much heat will kill productivity. Are your employees are sweating like a pig and gasping for air? They’ll just be watching the clock, waiting for their next opportunity to go outside.

Make sure you have decent air conditioning and windows they can open. The ideal temperature is the temperature you don’t even notice. Get your office to that neutral temperature and everyone will be working away happily. As long as you also followed the first two steps, of course.