3 Things To Remember To Win At Product Display

3 Things To Remember To Win At Product DisplaySource: Unsplash

One thing that you and every other business owner in the world have in common, is that you’re striving to be the best of the best within your industry. The problem you’re faced with here, is that with so many other similar businesses trying to do the same as you, it’s easy to feel like you won’t be noticed, or even to fall into the background. When there’s a million and one different brands of product on the shelves, how can you make sure that yours is the one that people are buying? Take a look at these three things to remember so that you can truly win at product display, and rise above the rest.

1. Packaging Is Priority

People like to be aesthetically pleased, so it’s important to think of how you’re packaging your product before you even think about putting it on the shelves. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when designing your packaging:

> Keeping packaging as environmentally friendly as possible is key. With the world trying to turn around the damage we’ve done, if you’ve got non biodegradable materials, it’s not going to go in your favour.

> Use colour schemes that will fit and attract your target audience. For example, if you’re trying to sell a hair gel to young and trendy people, neon colours and bold writing is something you’d look into.

> The shape of your product matters too. Again, if you were to say, sell a perfume for older women, you’d have it in an elegant shape to attract their eye.

> If smells are relevant to your product, consider putting a tester sticker so that people can ‘try before they buy’

2. Think About How You’re Going To Present Your Product

How your product comes across is important, and once you’ve nailed the aesthetic side of your packaging, you need to begin thinking about how to present your product in stores. A great way of catching people’s eye, is by having your own personal display stand that displays your products beautifully and more importantly, separate from other similar products. Cmex offer custom product stands, and also provide secure storage for materials so that you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to keep it all.

3. Offer A Permanent Money Off Deal

People love thinking that they have saved money, and you should take advantage of this by offering a permanent money off deal with your products. If you were to say, sell couch cushions, you could do a deal if they buy two rather than one. People are more likely to buy the two because in the long run it will save them money. However, you get the benefit of yet more of your products being sold, and that’s why it works so well.

Remember these three things and your products will soon be flying off shelves and into people’s baskets. Don’t forget that a kick ass name and logo are important to the sale of your product too!