3 Ways To Connect With Your Customers

3 Ways To Connect With Your CustomersSource: The Blue Diamond Gallery

It would be nice to say that you know who your customers are personally. The hallmark of a successful business surely places importance on that connection. But the truth is you should be able to say something quite close to that. You should be able to say, that you know who your typical customer is. You should have an idea of their profile, where they live, what they enjoy doing and of course how they like to spend their time. Getting to that point is the focus of your marketing strategy. Making connections and establishing relationships are what every business should be about. Here are the three best ways to connect.

1. Email

Short of getting a handwritten letter on parchment this is about as personal and up close as we get to a customer without actually speaking with them. This is you speaking ideally heart to heart with the recipient. It does not matter that you may have included one hundred or even one thousand other people in this conversation. The fact is it is addressed to them, and it is a connection. If you have been smart and building up a subscribers list then the fruit on this vine will be even more richer.

The trick if you can do it is to keep that content fresh, spontaneous and of value. The selling part of any email should be almost an incidental by-product. That relationship like any must be based on value and shared interest. The closer you can come to this ideal the better your chances of connecting will be. If you are creating a business building these relationships will be vital.

2. Website

This has to be the best. There is no question that as the competition grows this foundation stone of your business becomes more and more important. Everything from your aesthetic to your design should be held and reflected here. This is the base. Keep it simple. Don’t complicate it stylistically or thematically. Provide a platform with enough content and information and allow your clients and customers to do business. Make it easy and in the format that suits them best and they’ll come back.

3. Content

The quality of your content marketing should be expertise ‘rich’. It is a vital part of your marketing strategy, and the best lead generation tactics will always include it. Your blog should be working for you from day one. Yes, there is a lot of content out there, but the vast majority of it is utter rubbish. It is devoid of any real meaning and purpose. Create original content that has meaning and you will float towards the top of the barrel. Be selective with what you offer. It is far better to offer quality once a week than it is to waffle on pointlessly every day. Give people something to think about and respond to. The web needs you!

Bring these three together and your marketing strategy will have a great platform and base. From there you can draw in other far-reaching tools that keep generating more connections and growing your business steadily and surely.