3 Ways To Introduce Your Kids To Good Music

3 Ways To Introduce Your Kids To Good MusicSource: Pexels

Music is an all-encompassing way of expression, sung by millions of voices throughout the decades. It speaks volumes to hearts, unwinds nerves, and soothes minds. It can move your body, as much as it can relax your spirit. Music is life. And so are children. So, when you put those two together, you have kids that can appreciate the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies of a great song.

1. Realise that Good Music is Subjective

What is good music to you might be terrible to someone else. There are hundreds of genres and sub-genres, and someone to love them all. There is no truly bad music, because all music is someone’s form of expression. Regardless of the message, music is art, and art has no true definition. So, to introduce your kids to good music, instil in them the fact that music is subjective and they can like whatever and whomever they choose. It might be a rock band from the 80s, or a boy band from the 00s. Or, it might be someone new and twerky. But it’s their choice to like the kind of music that makes them happy.

2. Encourage Your Kids to Use Music to Express Themselves

Music is meant to evoke emotions, from anger, to happiness, and everything in between. You are meant to feel and think when you listen to a great song. So, encourage your kids to feel and think with music. Encourage them to use their favourite songs and bands to express themselves. It’s a healthy way of coping with difficult feelings, as much as it is a fun way to express joy and feeling good.

3. Learn to Play Instruments Together, as a Family

Stop at your local music shop on a day when there is an acoustic guitar sale. Or, set out a bunch of plastic mixing bowls and grab some spoons to use as drumsticks. Or, use whatever else you can find around your house to make an awesome beat. Whatever you do though, play music as a family. Invest in real instruments sometime and learn how to play together. You could even make a family band, as dorky as that might be for your kids. Music is a terrific bonding experience.

Music should be fun and expressive. You might be singing the Wheels on the Bus or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for a few years. But eventually, your kiddos will learn to appreciate the value of a good band and an awesome song.