3 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Its Environmental Impact

3 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Its Environmental ImpactSource: Unsplash

The business world has a lot of impact on the environment around us. There’s all kinds of sectors out there, all producing their own waste and fumes as they go about their business, and sometimes little thought is put into how this waste seeps into the outside area. But more and more are we paying attention to how our companies serve and maintain the ecological balance around us, and a small business like yours could lead this march from the forefront.

So to make sure your company has much less of a negative impact on the environment, and works to make sure any impact we can’t help but serve is much more positive, here’s a few ideas to consider for your business. As an up and coming company, you have a lot of opportunity to make methods like these part of your business values.

1. Use Water Storage

Water is the main thing to think about when you’re trying to turn your office a little greener. After all, it’s the stuff of life, and there’s quite a few areas in the world who have no clean water source to rely on. You get the pure stuff out of the taps in your break room and you wash your hands in the sinks in the toilet, but have you thought about the water that rains down on you from outside?

Yes, it’s time to think about the rain your location receives on a weekly basis, and how you can put all that excess (and free!) water to good use. Well, to start off, you can start collecting it! There’s all kinds of water butts and collection tanks out there – invest in one of the products from Tuffa Tanks, maybe, and let all that water fill to the top. You can then use it to water the trees and plants you’ve had grown outside the front door, or you can put it to good use in cleaning the office after hours. There’s a variety of uses!

2. Clean with Some Greener Products

Cleaning the office is something you don’t see happen yourself very often, but every time you come into work the next day, the working space around you is as clean as a whistle. The desks are sparkling, the floors have hint of fluff or crumbs, and all the papers strewn about yesterday are nowhere to be seen. You wouldn’t be without your cleaning team’s services!

But what cleaning products are they using? Do they use mostly chemical compounds they bought from a supplier, or are they into more natural products? Of course, you’re never going to be able to remove chemicals completely from the office, but you can help to lessen the impact they have on the natural environment (and the air you breathe) around you.

The ‘green’ products you can introduce are far less toxic, and can help to keep the shine on those desks for longer – other products can wear the materials down! Maybe you could even start using your own recipe? Check out recipes like these, and make sure you’re going the extra mile to make sure change is made in your office.

3. Have an ‘Office Garden’

Speaking of the plants outside your main doors above, why not go a step further, and see if you can turn the space behind your building into more of an office/communal garden? And if there’s more than one business operating in the same block, be sure to ask them to get involved as well. Sustainability is everyone’s interests – not to mention the marketing campaign you could run about your strives to make a better future for your area, which you could all get a boost off of as well.

And even if there’s no room outside, or the ground is unsuitable for plants or planter boxes, you can always move the flowers indoors, or find yourself an allotment to take ownership of. Window boxes, as well plenty of plant pots placed around the office, can help to encourage a much better, natural space, as well as cleaner air for you and your employees.

Your business has a lot to offer the environment, and you can do a lot right now to make it a much greener, friendlier space. It’s one of the best ways to keep your company operating for the future, and there’s nothing like fresh smelling flowers around you at work!