4 Freelance Jobs You Are Probably Qualified To Start Right Now

Source: UnsplashSource: Unsplash

Ah, imagine sipping cocktails on the beach while casually working on your laptop. It’s the freelance dream that millions are sold via social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. Bikini-clad vloggers are talking about their latest ‘collab’, and travel bloggers posting sunsets from Bali. And, while there is something to be said for their obvious and likely well-deserved success, it might leave a fair few people wondering how to get into freelancing. While you can’t ever really be sure on your level of success when you first start out, you can work smart and hard to make it work. There are so many avenues that can be explored in freelancing – one of them is bound to fit you. So, let’s take a look at what is out there.

1. Blogger

As mentioned above, you can write about pretty much anything you like, and if you have even an ounce of flair you will likely be approached by companies to host their content for a fee. If you get into this, it can be reasonably lucrative in fiscal terms, as well as perks like holidays, days out, review meals and more. You’ll get out what you put into this one.

2. Virtual Assistant

These utter rock stars are on the rise at the moment. Virtual Assistants are running the world from behind their computer screens. VA’s are pretty much the lifeblood of many successful entrepreneurs at the moment taking care of everything from data entry to email response. If you have a desire to be very organised and take care of someone – without ever really seeing them, then this might just be your answer.

3. Networking Events Organiser

Anyone who is anyone heads to networking events in their sector. It isn’t just about the swapping of business cards anymore; it’s the atmosphere, the food, and the freebies. Bloggers have had some of the most significant networking events in the last few years. Think mixing brands, with writers, with talks and great food. It takes a lot of planning and some brilliant marketing, but freelance event organising is lucrative and fun. Hire yourself an office space in Hammersmith, get the speakers lined up and once a year watch your hard work flourish.

4. Photographer Or Filmmaker

Combining these two might cause a few people already in the field to gasp. However, if you are just starting out then you need to experiment with both. You might prefer one over the other by far. It doesn’t matter if you are working with an iPhone, Canon or Nikon – what matters is your keen eye, how you post edit and what you do with the images after. You can head out for a day of filming and photography and come home and set up a store online to sell your prints.

All of the above options take a little work, but doesn’t everything? With blogs, youtube channels and even other social media platforms monetised now, the possibilities are pretty much endless for you might like to make your freelance money. And, you can choose it as a side hustle to top up your income or turn it into an empire – it’s entirely up to you.