4 Fun Ways To Utilise Online Marketing

4 Fun Ways To Utilise Online MarketingSource: Pixabay

Online marketing is the new buzz phrase that everyone is eager to get to grips with. Every morning you seem to wake up to the next individual or business having ‘gone viral’ and wonder how on Earth you can get in on the action. Whereas waking up on a Monday morning to see an extra million hits on your YouTube channel may be something of a dream, there are still ways in which you can utilise the power of online marketing in a creative way to your advantage.

1. Generate Traffic

Before you can start toying with your online marketing strategy, you need to ensure a steady stream of visitors to your website. You don’t want to be marketing to nobody, so before you begin implementing your kooky ideas consider whether or not you should kickstart your traffic with paid options. By utilising Google Adwords, you can see a sharp spike in traffic as people click on your advert. As it is a pay per click plan, you only pay for the hits you receive.

Once you have a greater level of traffic being attracted to your site, you can start to experiment a little with your online marketing strategy.

2. Playing with Social Media

4 Fun Ways To Utilise Online Marketing

Source: Pixabay

If you are an Instagram bunny or Facebook fiend, you can set up pointless but fun photo caption competitions for your followers to have a go at. It passes the time for your customer base and takes up a fun four or five minutes in the day. You could offer a free sample of a product or a money off voucher as a prize for the best entry. If your business sells high-end dog toys, put a humorous photo of a poodle getting up to mischief and encourage consumer engagement. Set up a ‘dog of the day’ contest and encourage regular two-way communication between yourself and your customers. This meaningful engagement on a personal level will drive further traffic to your website.

3. Listicles

For reasons unknown, people go nuts over a good list whether it’s a top ten countdown, a best of or worst of list. Every list you put on your blog is an easy to read, simply structured piece of content that is highly engaging. Some people in the world make lists of things they need to put on their to do list! If you can harness the attention of these people, then you’re onto a winner.

4. Design Some Memes

4 Fun Ways To Utilise Online Marketing

Source: Wikimedia

If your business is keen to market towards the millennial generation, it pays to harness the power of social media. Teenagers and twenty-somethings now utilise Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat as the prime means of communication, so it’s wise to get in on the act. Head onto a meme generator and design some funny anecdote driven memes that people online will be keen to share. If you link your meme back to your website, this is a fantastic piece of free advertising.

By thinking a little outside the box, you can utilise your online presence in many creative ways. At the centre of any piece of online marketing must be the goal of attracting your target audience towards your homepage. If you can achieve this, the inevitable sales will follow.