4 Hacks For Successful Event Planning

4 Hacks For Successful Event PlanningSource: Pexels

These days, events have become a big deal in the world of business. Whether you are holding a networking evening or trying to plan a PR event to get your business’s name out to a wider audience. No matter what type of event you are organising, it is very important that it achieves everything you need it to. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Organising and planning are a major part of putting on an event. Get these early steps wrong, and it could shape how everything else goes. So how do you really make the grade in event planning? Here are five hacks for nailing event planning.

1. Think Everything Through

Be extremely thorough in your thinking, before you commit to any ideas. Sure, holding an event is a great idea. But is it wise? There are numerous things you need to be sure of. If one aspect doesn’t hold up, the rest of the evening might be a shambles. So ask yourself the following questions, and only start planning once you have positive answers. Do you have a suitable venue in mind? Will delegates and clients be able to get there easily? Do you have a specific result or goal for your event?

2. Don’t Forget About Old-School Marketing

Advertising your event online and on social media is imperative. After all, that’s where most people see things these days. However, don’t forget about old-school marketing techniques. Get flyers and posters printed. Companies such as GH Cityprint can help you out with this. Why stick to these vintage methods? Not everyone is online. Another point is that, no matter how successful your online marketing is, it isn’t going to hit all of your target audience. It could also hit people out of your local area. Distributing flyers and posters will target people who are near enough to travel to your event.

4 Hacks For Successful Event Planning 2

Source: Pexels

3. Put on Drinks and Food

Everyone loves a good buffet. If you let people know there will be food and drink available, they will be more likely to show up. Especially if it is free! For a large number of expected guests, it’s a good idea to hire a professional catering company. The venue you hire may even offer a catering option. Food and drinks are especially suited to events where everyone will be up on their feet, such as networking evenings.

4. Book Your Speaker Well in Advance

If you intend on hosting a speaker, make sure you book them in a couple of months in advance of the event. If their main line of work is being a professional speaker, then they will have a packed calendar of different engagements to attend. Let them know all the details of the event in plenty of time too. This gives them a chance to plan what they will talk about, and also ensures they know exactly where they are expected to be.

Planning an event can very be beneficial to your company. Especially now you know how to put on a successful evening!