4 Reasons Why Learning An Instrument Is Important For Children

Why Learning an Instrument is Important for ChildrenSource: Wikipedia

Are you wondering whether or not to let your child learn a musical instrument? If you’re undecided, let me try to convince you that it’s a good idea. Here are some great reasons why learning an instrument is important for children.

1. It Improves Brain Power

Study after study has shown that there is a link between children learning to play a musical instrument and achieving academic success at school. That’s because music stimulates and exercises the parts of the brain that are important to learning subjects like maths, reading and writing.

Children’s brains are still developing when they’re young. And some research has shown that playing an instrument can enhance their brain development. This then leads to better memory skills and an increased ability to learn new information.

2. It Shows Them What They Can Achieve

Learning an instrument takes you on a journey from knowing nothing about the instrument to being able to play it. You shouldn’t underestimate how valuable that can be for a child. It proves to them that if they put in the time and effort, they can achieve what they want to, and that’s an important lesson.

Realising that they can achieve these things will have its own benefits for the child. They’ll be given a self-esteem boost and will be much more likely to try new things and give themselves more challenged in the future. The skill of being able to play an instrument in front of people will also be transferable and make them more confident.

3. It Makes Them More Culturally Aware

You might not even realise it, but learning an instrument opens a child up to a whole new world of art, culture and possibilities. If they learn to play the violin, they’re learning to play an instrument with its roots in classical music and especially Italian music. This same logic can be applied to most instruments.

Whether you decide to buy your child a Fender Stratocaster or a Casio PX-150, the instrument will have certain styles and histories attached to. The origins of the guitar can be traced back to early blues music, and the piano to classical and then jazz music. Try teaching them about the cultural history as well as the practical knowledge.

4. It Teaches Patience And Discipline

There are many ways in which learning a musical instrument can make children more disciplined and patient. Firstly, to get better at playing an instrument, you have to keep practicing and improve over time. This might be something that a lot of children have never had to do before, and playing an instrument will force them to.

Then, when they reach a high level and they get the gratification of being able to play a difficult song, they’ll realise the value of working hard to achieve a goal. Nowadays, most children are used to instant gratification, so making them be patient can be a great thing in itself.

I hope you’re now convinced that learning a musical instrument can only be a good thing for your children.