4 Simple Tips To Boost Your Web Traffic

4 Solid Tips To Boost Your Web TrafficSource: Flickr

Did you know that there are around 700 million active websites today? What are the chances that your is the only one offering the services that it does? Pretty slim, we’d say. With over a half a billion choices, what is going to make yours stand out and get the kinds of traffic that it needs?

There is no greater tool at your disposal than a website that provides value, as well as promotes your most valuable assets and services.

With that in mind, here are some quick and easy ways to give your website traffic a boost. You can do these yourself of course, or there are lots of agencies like http://www.payonperformance.com.au if time is not on your side. Having said that, DIY can be strangely satisfying.

1. Optimise (For All Search Engines)

Everybody mentions Google but you shouldn’t neglect the other players either. Content rich search terms should be incorporated into your website at all levels. The majority of your traffic is going to come from search engines, so it makes sense to play by the ‘rules’. On page SEO doesn’t have to be complicated, regardless of how intimidating it might sound.

Keeping your content updated, and on a regular basis, is one of the quickest and easiest ways of doing this. Page load speed is important too, as is mobile responsiveness. The vast majority of internet searches are performed on mobile, so you need your site to look good on the small screen too.

2. Make The Most Of Your Social Presence

Social media channels should be looked at as being extensions of your website. Use them to your best advantage but don’t treat them as soapboxes – talk with people, not at them. Share your great content, by all means, but share other people’s too.

The content on your site should be shareable too, with social buttons from Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter (you can have more, but be sure to include these three at the minimum).

3. Make It Sexy

You have probably seen a lot of complaints about clickbait titles and descriptions in social circles. Nobody likes this stuff, but there is actually a right way of doing it. Problems occur when the content is oversold, or the description is just a plain lie. Make the title attractive, but make it honest and you will be just fine.

4. Provide Actual Value

Easier said than done, especially when you can’t always be sure of what people will find valuable.

The above tips will help you find new readers, and they find you. But. You also need to think about keeping the ones that you already have. Useful, unique content that is delivered while it is still relevant is always going to appeal to those who already follow you.

Images and video are also great tools that will help you tell your story, so don’t be shy with those either – just don’t overdo it. With a little bit of hard work, you should start seeing some results fairly soon. Just remember, nothing worth having ever came quick or easy.