4 Social Media Marketing Tips Direct From The Professionals Handbook

4 Social Media Marketing Tips Direct From The Professionals HandbookSource: Flickr

It is an undeniable fact that social media can help you overhaul your rivals if you use it properly. But, the keyword to take from that sentence is ‘properly’. Unfortunately, there are far too many businesses that don’t use social media marketing in the right way. And, their results are the ultimate proof. Are you one of these businesses? If you are, don’t fret because you can change your ways. In fact, you can market like the pros if you follow a few simple rules. Honestly, these tips, validated by the experts, could change your life.

1. Hire Their Services

‘Of course they are going to say that – it makes them money’! Yes, there is no doubt that they do have a vested interest in selling their services. But, when you look at it analytically, it makes a lot of sense. Okay, you could attempt to revolutionise your social media marketing strategy alone, but why not employ some help? Agencies like JGWZ Media have a wealth of experience, skill, contacts, plus they have a great track record. It is much easier to employ an agency with all the right attributes to get the job done than it is to do it internally.

2. Analyse Past Content

Not convinced about hiring an agency? Don’t worry because they are not the only alternative. Your first step on the road to digital marketing success, then, is to analyse your previous posts. You are looking for what worked and what didn’t work. With the information, you can then tailor your future posts so that they achieve maximum success. For example, if you find that a competition on Twitter directed more people to your site, use this trick again. The key is to avoid what was bad and embrace what was good.

3. Value Added Content

The key to a great social media plan is adding value to your content that causes a frenzy on the World Wide Web. There are lots of ways to achieve this goal, but the best one is high-quality content. Content that is unique is, by definition, not available anywhere else on the Internet, so there is only one place to go for a fix. Engaging content will keep the customers coming back for more every time you post a new article, which will boost your traffic. And, the more people viewing your site, the more chance you have of making a conversion.

4. Make a Good Introduction

Lots of consumers do not trust small companies because you are an unknown. In basic terms, you have no reputation, which means you could be trying to con them out of their money. Obviously, that is not the case, but you still need to convince them that you are legit. With social media, you can build trust by making a short video that introduces you and your company. Then, the viewers can see who you are and what you do, all which encourages trust. All you need to do is upload the video to YouTube and make it easily available on your site.

The above are just a few examples, but there are plenty more tips from the pros that work wonders.