4 Teams To Build Within Your Company

4 Teams To Build Within Your CompanySource: Pexels

When you first began your business, you hired as few employees as possible to save costs. You and your partners completed many jobs simultaneously, often acting as salespeople, customer service representatives, and accountants. However, now that your company is established and you’ve begun making reliable profits, you’re ready to hire some new employees. As you decide which employees to add, work towards building the following teams.

1. Information Technology

Information technology experts handle issues with communication tools, Wi-fi, and electronic devices. While you can address these issues on your own, it’s much quicker if you ask your IT team to take care of them. To find your new IT experts, reach out to another company such as Arctic IT or advertise your job openings at local colleges.

2. Human Resources

A human resources team handles many of your legal responsibilities towards your employees. HR representatives collect and file your employees’ tax forms every year, and they oversee formal complaints and grievance procedures. By creating an HR team, you show your dedication to fostering a safe work environment, and you ensure that your employees’ needs are met without taking time away from your own responsibilities.

3. Accounting

In your early days, your expenses were simple, and you and your partners could easily keep up with your bills and payroll. Now, though, you have so many vendors, clients, and employees that it’s hard to keep track of when payments are expected and due. These matters become even more complicated as tax season draws near. To avoid making catastrophic errors in your finances, hire certified accountants to handle your budget and expenses.

4. Marketing

If you want your business to continue to grow, you need to invest in a marketing team. These professionals handle your advertisements, including social media posts, TV ads, billboards, and flyers. You may think that you know how to engage your customers through Facebook posts and similar outreach efforts, but it actually takes a lot of skill to build a dedicated online following. Rather than worrying about whether your ads are effective or you have enough followers, let trained marketing experts take control.

When you’re ready to expand your business by hiring more employees, it’s hard to know where to start. Decide which of these four teams is most important to you, and start hiring people within that field. Remember, you can building your teams slowly, adding more members as your company grows.