4 Tips For Effective SEO Blogging

4 Tips For Effective SEO BloggingSource: Pixabay

It doesn’t matter what your reason for starting a blog is, you have to get the basics right. Here are some great SEO effective blogging tips.

1. Think Before You Type

Every blog post needs to be thought through in detail before you start typing. If you’re just typing out mindless drivel, your readership will soon become alienated, and that’ll lead to them eventually reading posts elsewhere where the quality is a little higher. Make sure every post serves a specific purpose.

It’s very easy for readers to tell when you’re not putting the effort into the words you’re typing. The text will come across as dull and boring. Your writing should feel alive with enthusiasm and passion for the subject you’re writing about. I’d recommend making some notes before the writing process begins.

2. Consider All You Blogging Options

There are lots of options when starting a blog, especially if you run a business. Businesses often use blogs to boost traffic to their website and increase potential sales. This can take a lot of time though, especially if you have other things to take care of each day. So what are your main blogging options?

Firstly, you can take the time out of your schedule to do the work yourself, but don’t underestimate the time that it takes to create a good blog. You could assign someone else in your business the job. Alternatively, you could use an article rewriter to make the process quicker and more effective.

3. Make The Posts Long

Not many bloggers realise this, but long blog posts are much easier to get ranked high on a results page than short ones. If you’re posting articles that are less than 300 words in length, you’re going to have a problem. Giving more detail and information is always a good idea. Yes, it takes more time, but it’s worth it.

You can simply expand on your main ideas, and make sure you have a strong introduction and conclusion. This will increase the size of the boost as well as make it more coherent for readers. People will trust your blog more if you offer comprehensive posts that give lots of useful information too.

4. Don’t Let The Blog Get Stagnant

Blogs need to be nurtured and looked after. If you abandon them, you might as well have not bothered starting it in the first place. What do you think when you arrive on a blog that hasn’t been updated for a year? This can be especially damaging for a business. An inactive blog might cause people to think the business is inactive too.

It’s also important for SEO. Google and other search engines like to know that your blog is alive and kicking before they rank it high on a results page. Your website will become much less appealing to search engines if it appears to be stagnant or out of use. So, keep that flow of content coming.

Blogging is only effective when it complies with the rules of SEO, so make sure you try out these tips today!