4 Traits Of A Top Health And Safety Monitor

4 Traits Of A Top Health And Safety MonitorSource: geograph

Health and safety are two significant facets of a modern-day business. Employees should not fear for their lives in the office, which is why there has been a shift. Sadly, it isn’t all good news for employers who have to deal with a mountain of red tape. To make life easier, appointing a health and safety monitor seems like a great idea. With an extra pair of eyes and hands, the company should be extra complaint. But, finding a monitor who is good at the job is not as easy as it sounds.

Here are four things to look out before offering an individual the job.

1. Knowledgeable

The majority of hazards are easy to spot. Everyone knows bare wires are a potential danger. Still, there are safety breaches which are not as evident. Consider electrical equipment. When every employee uses one, there s a risk of a shock if the kit is not up to scratch. Lots of companies don’t bother worrying until it’s too late and there’s a lawsuit on the table. A well-informed monitor knows that test tagging is a simple solution because the process assesses the security of electrical equipment. Remember that knowledge is power.

2. Popular

Whether their co-workers like them seems trivial. What has it got to do with health and safety? A handful of people looking for workplace hazards won’t be effective. The safest businesses instil an ethic of protection throughout the company, starting with the employees. As soon as the staff sees something, they report it to a monitor who records it and passes it on to a superior. Unfortunately, an unpopular colleague won’t have the trust of his/her associates. As a result, they may not feel comfortable reporting a hazard. Or, they may do it out of spite. Either way, popularity is an excellent trait.

3. Organised

Remember that the job is concurrent with their other role. Therefore, a monitor has lots of additional responsibilities to take care of as well as health and safety. For an undisciplined person, it can get too much and they can miss significant breaches. Of course, when a person’s safety is at stake, this is not acceptable. Organized people won’t flinch at the thought of a higher workload because they know how to multitask. Plus, they also know how to prioritise tasks so that the major ones get done first.

4. Observant

He or she can be all of the above and it won’t matter. Why? It’s because there is no point being organized or knowledgeable if they can’t spot the hazards. Good eyesight is a bonus, but observant people see between the lines. It may be a pop of colour which wasn’t there before or a glint of water on the floor. Whatever it is, they see it and act without hesitation. A good indicator is a person who continually makes the hierarchy aware of problems in the office. Usually, they have the skills to spot issues as and when they occur.

Are you on the lookout for an H&S monitor? If so, these are the attributes to watch out for.