4 Ways ‘The Cloud’ Can Boost Your Business’ Bottom Line

4 Ways The Cloud Can Boost Your Business's Bottom LineSource: Flickr

Is your business still avoiding cloud technology? If so, you could be missing out on several improvements and, most importantly, a boost to your bottom line. Regardless of your knowledge of cloud-based services, there are only two things you need to know. First of all, they are incredibly easy to set up. Secondly, they can help you make more money. Want to know how? Then read on to find out.

1. Energy Savings

If your business is using hardware or bulky software to prop up your technology, then the chances are it isn’t all that efficient. Your systems are likely to be online at all times, which all uses up valuable money. On a day-to-day basis, that might not seem like much. But over the course of a year? It’s going to eat into your profits. With cloud software, all of those issues are removed from your business premises. And, you will only pay for what you use – not to keep something on standby for 24 hours a day.

2. Pay As You Go

This point is particularly relevant if you are a startup with very little money to invest. Software programs, databases, and hardware are all expensive – and if you don’t have the fund, you have to make do without. Most cloud-based services offer pay monthly options, and are, therefore, a lot more affordable. Is the cloud a democratisation of business services? Maybe not quite yet. But it is giving small businesses and startups a lot more choice.

3. More Streamlined

Streamlining is vital if you want to boost your bottom line. For those that don’t know, streamlining is just the process of cutting back on unnecessary costs. In the case of using the cloud, your business passes on some of its responsibilities to an external party. Their running costs for performing those tasks will be lower than hiring full-time employees for your company. According to IT specialists Cymax, that means higher productivity and a better return on investment. You can find out more about this at http://cymax.com.au. Another streamlining benefit is that you only pay for what you use. This leads to more efficiency when you decide the time is right to expand your business.

4. Less Downtime

Another point of business efficiency is downtime. Downtime sucks many hours every month from businesses, but with the cloud, a lot of those disappear. And, if they do break down, most cloud services offer quick repair. If you are an online business, this is vital every second you are offline means losing a possible sale. If you are after reliability, then the cloud can bring it in spades.

OK, so you might feel uncomfortable using technology that you don’t understand. But there isn’t much to lose from exploring cloud-based alternatives. After all, how much do you know about your hardware and software that you buy outright for your business? When things go wrong, how long does it take to get fixed? As many cloud services are paid monthly, they need to keep their customer services at an optimum level. And that, for any small business, is vital.