4 Ways To Make A Road Trip Easier On Your Kids

4 Ways To Make A Road Trip Easier On Your KidsSource: Pexels

In theory, a family road trip might sound awesome. There you are…driving along with the radio on and your kids singing to your faves in the backseat. You stop at a diner for lunch, and the kids are oh-so well-behaved and patient. Never a cry of “are we there yet” or “she’s poking me.” Just blissful roads ahead with your family. What a daydream… and a total non-reality. Ha, ha. Road trips with your kids can be chaotic at best, so here are 4 ways to make a road trip easier on (you and) your youngsters.

1. Brush Up on Fun Games to (Verbally) Play on the Road

Road games are lots of fun when you have the right mind for it. Classics like Eye Spy and 40 Questions never goes out of style. But keep your participation to a verbal level if you’re a driver. It makes it easier to play because everyone can simply use their voices to play.

2. Go Modern and Electronic with Tablets and Learning Games

Sometimes on a road trip, you have to break out the tablets. Sure, they are screens that your kiddos stare at, but drastic times and all. Want to make them better for your youngsters? Go modern with some pre-loaded learning games that offer play-and-learn fun.

3. Go Old-Fashioned with Colouring and Activity Books

This one is a fan favorite because it’s classic and still lots of fun. Get 2-3 coloring and activity books, with crayons, colored pencils, and markers, for each kid. Then make a rule that they have to wait until you reach your destination to show you their artworks. They will likely regale you with loads of colorful pictures at the next rest stop, but it’s better than bickers and complaints. Throw in some waterproof stickers and they can further customize their pictures.

4. Bring Comfort Essentials, i.e. Snacks, Refreshments, Pillows, and Blankets

This should really be the above-all way to keep your kids happy on a road trip. Comfort essentials go a long way. Just like you might feel naked without your phone, your kids need their favorite pillows, blankets, and snacks for long bouts away from home. Pack a small cooler of their faves, and dole out snacks as they need them. Try to keep the sugar to a minimum to avoid bouncy, hyper, rambunctious backseat beasties.

Most of the time, kids show out on road trips because of their boredom. This is easily remedied with the aforementioned methods. Or, simply interact with them via their favorite radio songs and interesting conversation.