4 Ways To Make Messi’s Money Without His Skill

4 Ways To Make Messi’s Money Without His SkillSource: 3weg

‘And he passes it to MESSSIIIIIIII!’ As the commentator’s voice booms out, your imagination runs wild. Just think if you were as talented as La Pulga. Apart from lifting trophies and playing in the Camp Nou, you would earn a reported £420,000 a week. Yep, that’s right – Lionel accumulates almost £1 million every 14 days. Most of us will never know what it’s like to score in a Champions League final and be the best. But, we can understand the feeling of making money through football. As scandalous as it sounds, it’s a pretty straightforward target to hit.

Here are a few tips that will help you earn money without gracing the football field.

1. Rent Out Parking Space

We’ve all been to stadiums where there the parking facilities are almost non-existent. As a result, people park on side streets, supermarket lots and train stations. Some of us even prefer to leave the car at home and take public transport. One time, wouldn’t it be great to rock up within a five-minute walk and saunter on down to your seats? Although you may never get the privilege, another fan can as long as you rent out your drive for an affordable fee. Just advertise the idea of forums and fanzine sites and watch the offers roll in.

2. Take A Punt

Before we go any further, just note that betting can be addictive and that you need to take precautions. If it’s a bad Betty, walk away and try and be calm and loosey goosey, baby. However, a single flutter every now and again doesn’t do any harm as long as you can afford the stake. And, it’s even easier nowadays thanks to the promotions on offer. At the minute, this Bet365 free bet matches your deposit. That way, a better essentially gets a complimentary spin of the wheel on the house. Choose wisely and the moolah may buy you an end of Winter holiday.

3. Sell Memorabilia

Over the years, the biggest football-heads have collected an array of gear. It no doubt means a lot, but it could mean more. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be in the attic or the garage gathering dust. Anything that is priceless, either monetarily or nostalgia-wise should stay, but the rest can go up for sale. Maybe you have a signed picture of the England boys winning the World Cup, for example. On eBay, richer people than you and I will pay a pretty penny for the right to own a piece of history.

4. Be A Commentator

Okay, not everyone can be as good as Gary Neville. But, ‘Gaz Nev’ has to abide by the rules set out by Sky Sports and you don’t. That, my friend, is what they call an opportunity. Mixing a football brain with a flair for entertainment is bound to appeal to an audience which wants to hear a different side of corporate commentary. On YouTube, a channel with a large viewership can opt into a monetisation strategy and get paid for advertising. Please note only ads which have the correct settings are eligible.

So, are you ready to turn your passion into a money-spinner?