4 Ways To Modernise Your Retail Stores And Make Them More Appealing

How To Modernise Your Retail Stores And Make Them More AppealingSource: Wikimedia

The benefit of having retail stores is that you make it easier for customers to buy from you. Sure, you will no doubt have an e-commerce site where people can buy online. But what about those customers that prefer to purchase in person?

There’s no denying that retail stores will be a familiar sight for many years to come. The sad truth is that some of those retail stores fail. Why? The answer is simple quite often: they aren’t appealing to customers!

Each store will have a particular theme and way of selling products to its customers. The thing is; today’s retail stores need to evolve with the times. Are you worried that your retail stores are still stuck in 1985? If so, here’s how you can give them a fresh new look:

1. Upgrade the Lighting

The first thing you need to do is rip out those horrible strip lights! Next, install some attractive LED lighting. There are two benefits to this approach. First of all, you give your retail stores a 21st-century look to them. And, second, your customers won’t be walking around in dimly-lit stores!

A bonus of installing LED lighting is that you keep your electricity costs down. That means you’ve got more money in the business to spend on making it grow.

2. Be Creative with Your Window Displays

Are you still using those horrible 80s-style window stickers that advertise special offers? If so, throw them away! Instead, give your window displays an interesting theme that you refresh every so often.

For example, during the summer you could create a vacation theme. Vintage suitcases and posters could set a particular holiday mood. Or you may want to show off the latest tech gadgets if that’s what your retail stores sell.

Deviate from the norm and create something innovative. That’s the only way you’ll grab people’s attention as they walk near your stores.

3. Make Your Staff Appear Less Formal

No-one wants to get followed around in a store by someone wearing a suit hassling them to buy something! Your staff should adopt a more casual approach to their work wear. For instance, at Apple stores employees wear branded T-shirts or sweaters.

You could also have them wear ID lanyards with your branding on them. It helps customers to identify staff and improves security in your stores too.

4. Upgrade Your Tills

Are your retail stores still rocking ancient cash registers? If so, get rid of them! It’s time to install electronic point of sale equipment. Many customers may also wish to pay using their smartphones. Consider installing RFID systems at the same time.

Some retail stores go down the trendy tech route and use iPads for their EPOS systems. You may wish to consider that option too!

5. Change the Colour Scheme

It’s crucial that your retail stores have a trendy yet bold colour scheme. That’s because they will be more inviting than stores that haven’t had a colour change in ten years! Light colour schemes also work well for smaller stores or ones without natural light.

By following these tips, you’ll soon have a fresh new look for your stores!