4 Winning Methods For Monetising Your Gaming Obsession

4 Winning Methods For Monetising Your Gaming ObsessionSource: Pexels

They do say if you can earn a living from your passion, you never have to work a real day in your life. To that end, below you will find a guide specifically designed to allow gamers to cash in on their mania for online fun. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Get Good And Sell Your Characters

One way to make money from your love of gaming is to pick an online game where you can port characters and equipment from one account to another. Then this provides you with the opportunity of levelling up specific characters and getting things like vehicles, mounts, armour, and tools that can be sold to others in the game.

Some folks do this via eBay, while others choose to do this on via their own websites, or even official message boards and forums. Although, it is always worth checking the games rule on this activity before you start. Otherwise, all your effort might be for naught.

2. Play Games That Pay

Another way to monetise your gaming obsession is to pick a game that pays you to play it. In fact, there are various options for doing this. One is to engage in games like the titles on offer at sites like Bitcoin Rush that focus on things like roulette and sports wagering. A type of game in particular that people that enjoy the thrill of chance are likely to choose.

Then there are the games that you can play and get paid in the same way as you would when you complete a survey. Happily, there are plenty of survey sites that also offer points for playing the games that they have on offer. Something that can be a fanatics way of having some fun and racking up your account in time for a special occasion like Christmas.

Lastly, and in a similar vein other tasks are gamelike that you can do online and get paid for. One that in particular, comes to mind is a scientific research project that requires you to watch individual videos and identify the emotional expression portrayed in them, an activity that can pay up to $100 a session!

3. Review Games

Something else that you can earn at in the games arena is reviewing games. Now, most reviewers don’t tend to get actual cold hard cash for their opinions, but they do get access to the newest titles in the genres they are interested in.

Something that can make it well worth your while if you take your gaming seriously enough. If you are successful, you can even start up a youtube channel offering review and gaming tips which can be monetised as well.

4. Get So Good That You Receive Sponsorship

Lastly, if you are among the top level of gamers you may be able to leverage your position to earn sponsorship. Yes that’s right, just like famous sports people such as footballers and racing car drivers, you can get paid to be seen using specific products.

Although, it is worth bearing in mind that you need to be at the absolute top of your field to get anywhere with this, and so it may not be the best choice of monetising your obsession compared to some of the other more simple suggestions mentioned above.