5 Boating Accessories For A Great Trip

5 Boating Accessories For A Great TripSource: Pexels

When boating, you are responsible for your own safety. It all depends on how you prepare for your trip. Apart from basic safety equipment, you better not leave the dock without the following accessories. These things can make or break your boating trip.

1. First Aid Kit

You might be surprised to learn, but most people don’t have basic first aid kit onboard. This is a critical mistake, and it might cost you dearly in the end. So before you embark your journey, you might as well buy a few kits.

2. Bottled Water

It’s hilarious to think you have water everywhere, but you cannot drink any of it. If you have a mechanical issue and you end up there longer than you planned than you better tuck a few bottles somewhere on board. You will be surprised to learn how useful these few extra bottles will be.

3. Sunscreen

Most people don’t consider bringing a sunscreen along for their day on the water. To be honest, most of us have forgotten to bring along a sunscreen at least once in their life. So, when you are packing for the sailing, you better toss a few bottles of sunscreen.

You won’t use all of them at once, but they will come in handy every time you go on boating. Spending a few bucks on sunscreen is far better than the pain and itching you will suffer from.

Speaking of which, don’t forget about raincoats. This is yet another thing you will overlook when packing for boating. A pair of raincoats will come in handy. Buy some spare and in large size to assure they suffice you.

4. Prop Wrench and Spare Propeller

These are the most important boating accessories of all. It doesn’t matter how powerful your boat is; it won’t go anywhere. I hit the rock or some floating debris underway. While boating, you can damage it to the point it won’t work. To get out, you have to change it instantly to move out.

We don’t need to say that you need a prop wrench on board. It’s your spare prop just like a carjack for the spare tire. You can’t fix a broken propeller without the both of them. For food, you might pack some granola bars. These are ideal in case you wind up on water longer than you originally planned. You can stash away a few and replenish them to make sure they stay fresh.

5. Foil Blanket

This was originally developed by NASA. It looks odd, but this effectively protects from hyperthermia. If you are forced to spend a night out of water. You can fold them up; these are compact, Mylar blankets are ideal for boating. These are water repellent and warm.
You can feel queasy on boats; it might be the weather or the water. Carry some Dramamine to avoid a few issues. It can make or break your boating trip.