5 Common Habits Every Logo Designer Must Have

5 Common Habits Every Logo Designer Must Have

Being a fantastic graphic designer takes a lot of hard work, dedication and the ability to be creative and unique. As the online world has brought about a lot of competition, staying on the top is sometimes very demanding, and there are many unwritten rules to follow that help designers create better graphic design, illustrations and logos.

However, growing the network of your clients and becoming the best choice for every client in the world is completely possible, especially if you adopt several habits that help you grow.

1. Risk Taking

We are all well aware that there are certain rules to be followed during the design process. However, taking risk from time to time will open a lot of doors for your career. But remember, this risk should be taken only in some situations and it is important to know how to break the rules of design to get incredible results.

But many artists face the problems of getting creative due to the fact that it can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction in clients and having their work rejected. This is all part of the job and exploring your creativity through rules breaking is the best way to advance in this line of work. “Failure” from time to time is simply a tool that helps every artist grow. Furthermore, accepting your own mistakes is the best way to grow and improve your skill set, as this is the best way to learn new things.

Taking risk constantly is a habit that the best ones have adopted, so incorporate it in your projects as well; it will lead to incredible results over time.

2. Professional Interaction

5 Common Habits Every Logo Designer Must Have

One of the things that many professionals struggle with is communication with clients. The usual problem comes down to respecting the client’s wishes. You as a graphic designer are placed in a position to give advice on which things are currently trending and how the design should look like to attract attention. However, forcing your wishes upon clients about the design will not only bring bad results, it will create a barrier that will make the client leave and never recommend you to anyone.

Being a good listener is going to give you the chance to actually hear out your client and understand the message that his or her logo needs to carry. Utilise your unique approach and fulfil the client’s wishes. It will place you in a much better position, as you will reduce the stress of client communication.

When it comes to interaction, always stay formal, as it will make you sound more professional, creating a trust bond between you and your client.

3. Learning New Things Persistently

5 Common Habits Every Logo Designer Must Have

Even though you are not going to be able to apply all of your knowledge and style on every single project, continually learning new things and following trends is going to allow you to create excellent designs in those projects where everything is up to you. These types of projects are going to help you advance in your career, as you are going to be able to express your creativity and the way you view design personally.

Remember, if you are not investing your time in learning new things, you are going to reduce your creativity potentials and stop your career progress.

Luckily, acquiring new knowledge is much easier nowadays, as there are plenty of online resources where you can learn about the latest trends, what other professionals in the industry are doing and how to do it yourself. Additionally, follow the best designers around the globe, as it will give you a precise idea of which steps you should take to advance.

4. Good Designers Brand Themselves

Branding is essential in every business. The main reason for this lies in the fact that, all of us are trying to understand more we make a purchase. This is why big businesses create a variety of marketing campaigns; they simply want to send a message to their customer about what their story is and why they are the perfect choice.

It is no different when you are an individual. Branding should start from the moment you begin your design career. Simply think about who you are and what you want to offer to your clients, and put it down in only two or three sentences. This is going to give the clients an idea about who you are and how you can help them achieve their goals and tasks. Make the statement relate directly to your niche, in this case, logo design. Well, you should also keep in mind that every client expects from a designer to get his work done better and faster.

After establishing a message you will be sending to your customers, the next most important thing is to stand behind those words. This builds an image of you as a designer, a good or a bad one. Always make sure to respect your core values and stick by them; it goes a long way and the rewards is an endless numbers of clients who are willing to pay well for your services.

5. Progress Through Self-Criticism

Criticising your own work is one of the hardest things to do. The reason for this is that people go in two completely different directions.

The first groups of people tend to value their work too much and gain self-esteem without any specific reason. This type of self-criticism does not lead to progress, because the artists are already satisfied with his or her work.
On the other hand, the other group is to critical, which has a really bad impact on his or her self-esteem, and causes them to lose motivation over a longer period of time.
Finding just the right amount self-criticism is achieved through a lot of experience. The best way to judge your own work is to look at the design like it was done by another person and analyse what you could add, or subtract, to make it even better.

Walking the thin line of self-criticism is a necessary skill if you want to make a progress and the best logo designers know exactly how to do it. You are going to fail many times, but after a lot of takes, you will find the sweet spot that is going to make you satisfied while also encouraging you to go further and improve the way you approach client’s demands and your own wishes.

These are the five most valuable habits that you need to adopt. Continuous work on communication, education, risk taking, branding and self-criticism is going to bring you incredible results. Remember to remain persistent, as becoming the best in the industry takes a lot of practice.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their business and overall ROI.