5 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common SEO Mistakes To AvoidSource: Flickr

Search engine optimisation is an awesome technique that will do wonders for your business. However, it is not going to improve your fortunes suddenly just because you decide to implement it into your business plan. Like any other technique in the business world, SEO comes with lots of dangers. There are dozens of mistakes that you can make, and these mistakes can be fatal. Obviously, you want to prosper and you want to grow and succeed. To do that, you want to avoid these mistakes at all costs.

1. Keyword Stuffing

The first and most dangerous mistake you must avoid is keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing, as the name suggests, is when you fill your site and content with words that consumers use to search. The logic is simple: the more keywords, the better. But, the logic is flawed because search engines hate unnatural content. Keywords that are rife throughout the site don’t look organic, so they penalise your site as a result. It is an amateur mistake and one that instantly places you at the bottom of the rankings.

2. Avoiding Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a brilliant piece of software that you need to use to study your site’s effectiveness. Quite simply, Analytics is a tool that will tell you everything you need to know about your site and your SEO plan. For example, you know that something is going wrong if the bounce rate is high. That means the website may be able to bring people in, but it cannot make them stay. That could be because of the navigation or the aesthetics, both of which are major parts of SEO. Also, it gives you the information you need to rectify any problems and make your site even better.

3. Not Using Google Services

Google may say that they don’t put more emphasis on sites that use their services, but that is not true. When you stop and think about it, why wouldn’t they prefer sites that use YouTube and Google Plus? It is free advertising for their business, and they are still a business. You should use as many of their services as possible whether they will admit it or not. In fact, YouTube is essential as they place a lot of importance on video. A video adds value as it is more relatable and provides more information.

4. Forgetting About the Local Community

Only the big firms that dominate the landscape can worry about their global appearance. The rest of the industry’s businesses need to concentrate on the local community or where they do all of their business. You, for instance, need to think about local SEO as opposed to global SEO. The people that you target within the community may use a certain set of search terms that could boost your traffic. You need to start implementing these terms if you want to promote yourself further.

5. Using the Wrong Terms

What works for your rivals may not work for you. Everyone is different, so don’t copy their plan. Your plan needs to be specific to you, which means you keywords need to be correct. If you use the wrong search terms, you won’t see any improvement in your ranking.