5 Coolest Gadgets For Outdoor Use

5 Coolest Gadgets For Outdoor UseSource: Pixabay

We all love gadgets. No doubt we have our eyes on the next thing that make cooking or cleaning all the handier (while looking incredibly cool, of course). Even better are the gadgets designed for just doing something awesome while we’re lounging about. But what about the ones we can take out into the fresh air? From the great solutions to some of our needs outside to others that are just plain cool, here’s a few outdoors gadgets we thought you should take a look at.

1. Solar Powered Fridge

Wanting something better that a cooler box without the hassle of taking some sort of portable power source with you? The power of the sun is the answer to your prayers. This fridge can run entirely on solar power. It’s a good idea to charge it up before taking it out, letting the sun do the rest of the heavy lifting. If that’s not a great reason to make it part of any beach trip of BBQ, then what is? You can find out more about the Anywhere Fridge here at http://coolthings.com.

2. Portable Composer

For those with a bit of a talent for music or just those who find themselves coming up with an awesome tune they’d like to remember. The Compose concept gadget is one that you can take anywhere you’re likely to come up with a melody. Just hum or sing into the microphone and watch as it transcribes it into a music sheet. It helps if you can read music, but is incredibly cool nonetheless!

3. Xenowheel Scooter

These kinds of scooters are becoming all the rage these days. Don’t lie, any time you see someone on one, you immediately think how much fun it would be. As with all new motorised transport ideas, you need to be careful about getting a quality product instead of something much dodgier. That’s why we recommend http://www.xenowheel.com, a manufacturer with a focus on safety. Once you’ve got yourself a scooter safe enough, then you can whizz about like a madman.

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4. The Scorpion II

Firstly, how cool of a name is that? The Scorpion II. Sounds like a mechanised arachnid. But it’s something thankfully a lot more helpful than that. This is for those who love the naked outdoors. Made by http://etoncorp.com, this is a battery charging, light-producing, AM/FM radio. Essentially, an all-you-need survival tool for wherever you plan on going. It’s a rugged beast, too, being water-resistant and solar powered. Stuck in a rainstorm? Well, if you follow the Scorpion II’s weather reports, you shouldn’t be. But if you are, just charge up your phone and get help straight away.

5. Flasklight

Combining utility and something you really need, alcohol! VSSL flasklights are just as they sound. Flashlights that double as flasks. They don’t have to hold booze, however. That’s just how we would use them. Http://vsslgear.com offers all kinds of different packs to fill your flasklight. Survival packs including fishing gear, compass and candles? Full first aid kits? A spike designed to kill zombies? These are all things you can genuinely get in the flasklight.