5 Dos And Don’ts For Business Launch Events

5 Dos And Don’ts For Business Launch EventsSource: Pexels

There are many reasons your business might want to conduct a launch event. For example:

> You are launching a new product or service line, and you wish to draw attention to it.
> You’re expanding or announcing a new partnership, occasions in business that shouldn’t ever pass without a little fanfare.
> You want to open your business up to more natural publicity such as that from the local press, so a celebratory launch to celebrate business milestones might be necessary.

Whatever your cause for the launch, there’s no doubt that it’s something you have to get right. By their very nature, launches are about celebrating what’s good about your company already and tipping their hat to the future. They can be a great way of obtaining press for relatively little expenditure, and you can push that further to gain attention from potential new customers. In essence, they’re a win/win – but only if you do them right.

1. DO Invite Interested Parties

The press, existing customers, companies you might want to work with or develop a business-to-business relationship with – they all need to go on the invite list. Make sure that you give plenty of advance warning as the date for your launch, or you might have people not able to attend even if they had wanted to.

2. DON’T Invite Irrelevant Parties

It’s essential that you keep your invite list to strictly relevant people and guests only. Don’t throw around invitations to people who might fancy sampling the free food and drinks, but have no intention of ever liaising with your product or service in a meaningful way. It’s better to have a small launch of 10-20 people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, than a 100-person launch of people who are there for the free lunch.

3. DO Be Visually Appealing

If your plan for your launch largely just involves you standing up in front of the assembled crowd and reeling out a basic statement, then you need to jazz things up a little. Companies like sourceme.com can help you create a more attractive, stimulating visual appeal that is going to live long in the memory of your guests – so don’t hesitate to make the most of such options.

4. DON’T Launch Too Much at Once

You want your launch to be impressive, but it’s also got to be memorable. If you bombard your guests with too much information due to multiple launches at the same time, they’re quickly going to have a serious case of TMI. Instead, focus on a maximum of three big announcements/launches, so each one can get the time and focus that it deserves.

5. DO Be Grateful

5 Dos And Don'ts For Business Launch Events

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Giving your guests a little something by means of a gift or goodie bag which not only serves as further promotion, but also shows your gratitude for their attendance. These goodie bags don’t have to be that expensive to produce, but they can earn your company a lot of good karma if you ensure they are genuinely useful by including items included on this list from businessinsider.com. Saying thank you is always welcome, so take the time to make sure you do so!