5 Errors To Avoid When You’re In The Market For A New Website

5 Errors To Avoid When You’re In The Market For A New WebsiteSource: Flickr

There comes a time when your old website turns out to be obsolete. Business is a fast and constantly moving environment, and you have to keep up with the trends. Even though it has helped you get your business get off the ground, it is time to say goodbye and start your new search.

The search is the most important part of a finding the perfect website. It is the part of the process where customers make the biggest mistakes because they are not sure what is right and what is wrong. After all, the web industry has changed since the last time you looked.

Here, then, are the errors you want to avoid at all costs. Good luck.

1. No Accessibility

In layman’s terms, a lack of accessibility means that users cannot easily browse your site. Navigation is a key element of any website as it will make up a customer’s mind for them. If they cannot easily use your site, they will go to another. Remember that there are hundreds of different options available at the click of a button. So, if you don’t have an easily accessible site, someone else will, and it will cost you in the long-term.

2. Poor SEO Techniques

Search engine optimisation is possibly the greatest asset any company has when it comes to their online presence. Your website is the glue that holds that presence together, so SEO and your website go hand in hand. Simply applying techniques isn’t enough as they have to be effective. If you don’t already, make sure you implement strategic SEO policies. For example, review your use of keywords. Are they words that refer to your site or someone else’s? Better yet, are they words that the consumer would use when they search? If they are not, they are obsolete.

3. Lack Of Ecommerce

Ecommerce and SEO work in tandem to improve sales and profits. SEO gets the traffic to the site, and ecommerce turns the traffic into sales. That’s simple, right? In theory, but a lot of businesses get it wrong by not having enough ecommerce platforms or portals. To accommodate them, work with specialists who concentrate in Magento development. Pros will be able to hit your targets right off the bat and should cover all the bases.

4. Infrequently Asked Questions

See what we did there? When someone asks a question, it is polite to answer as best as possible. In business, it is not only polite, but it is also important. When a customer asks a question, it gives you an insight into their frame of mind. Therefore, your answer could be the difference between a loyal customer and someone who goes to your competitor. Also, customers will not stand for rudeness because they expect their needs to come first. If they ask a question, they expect an answer. That is modern day customer service.

5. Not Monitoring The Site

You want to know which people are visiting and what they are doing when they visit. Then, you can tailor your site to your main demographic and maximise your chances of success. With monitoring tools available free of charge, there is no excuse.