5 Essential Tips For Keeping Your Construction Site Secure

5 Essential Tips For Keeping Your Construction Site SecureSource: Flickr

All businesses need to ensure their premises stay secure. Theft of essential tools and equipment can wreak havoc on your company. The economy loses millions every day as a result of stolen goods. Luckily, most premises are fairly easy to keep safe. The likes of office buildings are regularly monitored, and access is severely limited. But what about wider sites? What about construction companies with acres of building land to secure? With expensive equipment and vehicles left on site overnight, these are high priority targets for thieves. And they’re not easy to effectively secure. We spoke with some leading site managers to find out how they deal with these scenario.

1. Use Fences And Barriers

First of all, you must invest in large, secure barriers. We’re talking about 10 ft tall restrictions that encircle the construction site. Some companies even like to put barbed wire around the top of the fence to make sure it wards off intruders. It’s important to remember that most thieves aren’t criminal masterminds. They’re local youths looking for an easy target. Most of the time, a simple barrier to entry is more than enough to put people off. It also gives your land clear, defined territory markings.

2. Security Cameras

As we said before, most thieves are wary of any security features. A good CCTV camera is often enough to scare away any potential intruders. Some companies now sell decoy or dummy cameras. These are great if you’re on a budget. However, we do recommend investing in a high quality, real CCTV solution. If someone does break into your premises, it’s crucial that catch them on camera. A real CCTV camera will also bring down your business insurance quote.

3. Security Tags

We’ve recently started tagging all our expensive equipment with high quality trackers. The best construction sites adopted this technology a long time ago. But, if you’re looking for the best way to secure your expensive equipment, this is it. These tag systems allow you to attach GPS trackers to your vehicles, tools, and equipment. If something goes missing, you can easily follow it and hunt it down. It will lead you right to the thieves!

4. Hire A Security And Operations Manager

There are lots of different trades on a construction site at any one time. There will be plumbers, bricklayers, roofers, and architects. It’s not easy to keep track of everyone, and advise them on security practices. That’s why it’s vital to employ a security or operations manager. They will act as the first point of contact for every trade on site when it comes to security and safety. They’ll look out for suspicious behaviour, and explain the security procedures to everyone on site.

5. Equipment Management

Lastly, you need a sensible way to keep track of all the business equipment and tools on site. As you’ll know, there are all sorts of machines, vehicles, and tools left overnight. You need a simple check-in system to make sure that everything is returned and accounted for. Keep an inventory list every day, and make sure nothing goes missing.

Construction sites are one of the trickiest areas to patrol and secure. That’s why you must take extra care. Follow this advice, and your site will stay safe.