5 Essential Tools For The World Traveller

World travel is an adventure that can create beautiful lifelong memories. Good planning, however, will make an international trip go more smoothly. Everyone knows travellers should bring a camera, good luggage and several sets of clothing. When traveling the world, there are additional things to bring that can safeguard your well-being, help you stay connected with loved ones back home, and aid your peace of mind while abroad.

1. A Reliable Mobile Cell Phone

Wherever you travel, a reliable cell phone will help keep you safe and in touch. You also need a good international cell phone plan that gives you good rates. You can search Bell.ca iPhone Plans for the one most suitable for your needs. People who love and care about you need to know where you are!

2. Mobile Cell Phone Travel Apps

Travel apps make any trip easier. You can get apps that help you find the best transportation in the area, the best restaurants, locations of interesting sites and more. You can also find apps that help your organise your flights, hotels and rental car. Load travel apps onto your cell phone before you leave, and you will be able to access important travel information anywhere.

3. International Electrical Plug Adaptors

Outlet voltage varies around the world. In order to use any electronics, including charging your laptop, you will need an international adaptor suited to that regions voltage.

4. Passport Holder

In most western European countries, it is ok to store your passport in a hotel safe when you are visiting. However, in many other countries you should carry it with you at all times in case local authorities need to see your identification. Bring a passport holder to carry your travel documents. For the best security, wear this beneath your clothes and out of sight.

5. Money Holder

It is best to have credit cards and travellers’ checks, but you sometimes also need cash at hand when traveling. The safest way to carry cash is in a money belt or a money pouch that is worn beneath the clothing. Purses or other external bags tempt thieves.

A money belt looks just like a regular belt, only it has a hidden zippered compartment for cash. A money pouch is typically made of fabric and is worn around the waist against the skin. These pouches usually have compartments for credit cards as well as cash. For this reason, pouches are usually more convenient if you are carrying both credit cards and cash.

For many, world travel is a once in a lifetime opportunity. With these trip planning and security tools, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying all of the new sights and sounds during your travels.