5 Forms Of Content That Will Increase Your Web Traffic

5 Forms Of Content That Will Increase Your Web TrafficSource: Wikimedia

There are so many different types of content that can improve your blog or website. You shouldn’t just stick to one type of content. If you want to boost SEO and drive traffic to your website, then here are the forms of content that you should consider making use of.

1. Infographics

Instead of displaying facts and figures in a dull and boring way, why not use an infographic? This is a visual presentation of information in a way that breaks things down and makes it easy to digest. The great thing about infographics is that they’re creative, and they get shared much more than the alternative options. You could hire a graphic designer to create this kind of content for you if you don’t know how to do it. It will be more than worth it when you see your website visits rocket.

2. Interviews

Interviews are always read by a lot of people. If you can get an interview with someone who is of interest to your target audience, you will have no problem getting views. So, if you run a blog about something in particular, you should ask leaders in that field to give you an interview. The higher profile the person is, the more traffic you will be able to generate for your website. You can then present the interview in whatever fashion you like. It could be written, audio or video.

3. Videos

Videos are so appealing because they help to deliver information or a message in a succinct and snappy manner. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to say, it’s often best said with a video. You only have to look at how popular many Youtube channels are to see that people love this kind of content. You can use a video production service to make videos for you if you want to. You could also include advertising on your videos if you want to bring in some extra revenue.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for a while now, but they’re still managing to hold people’s interest. The great thing about them is that they’re so simple. It’s just a person or group of people having a discussion in front of a microphone. As long as the subject of the discussion can hold people’s attention and keep them interested, then it will work. When it has been recorded, you just need to upload it to the site where people can listen to it or download it and listen to it later.

5. Opinion Pieces

Opinion pieces differ from ordinary blog posts in many ways, but the most important thing to get right is the tone. It has to be made clear that the content is expressing the personal opinion of the person who has written it. It might be on a particular subject that is relevant to the blog, or it might just be a polemical rant. If you are being sincere and honest with your opinion, then people are sure to take an interest. These kinds of posts also tend to generate replies, comments and discussion too.