5 Male Niches To Consider When Starting A Blogging Website

5 Niches To Consider When Starting A Blogging WebsiteSource: Pexels

Blogging has taken off enormously in the last few years, and no longer is this just a hobby – for many it’s become their entire source of income. It’s no secret that there’s good money to be made from a blog, but you might have put off starting one or giving it a go because you’re unsure what to write about. The trick to writing a blog that’s successful is to choose a topic that’s of interest to YOU – something you’re passionate about and that you know a bit about. You don’t have to be an expert, your blog can be a way to help your own learning and personal development as you go. But you do need to have an interest there, and an excitement surrounding the topic as this is what will keep you writing and creating content. In time, your blog will begin to gain traction and you’ll grab the attention of sponsors who will pay for the privilege of working with you. But deciding on your niche and what you’re going to write about can be daunting, while of course either gender can write about what they want, here are some topics that as a guy you might have an interest in and give you the boost you need to get started.

1. Cars and Vehicles

Are you a bit of a petrol head? If you know your way around cars, motorbikes or other vehicles then this could be a fantastic subject to blog about. You don’t have to be made of money or own a ton of cars yourself, you can always do research online. You could go for test drives of vehicles and then review them – with cars being such a big purchase people are always in search of reviews and information on different models to look at before they take the plunge.

2. Business and Finance

Do you have a keen interest in investing, stocks or money? Maybe it’s business and side hustles that you’re knowledgeable in. You might have personally had issues with money and debt and are now in a position where you can provide advice to others for not getting in the same situation. There are so many topics within these niches that you’ll never be stuck for something to write about.

3. Gaming and Gadgets

Do you have an interest in apps and smartphones? It could be the technology itself or apps you enjoy, from adventure games to gambling apps like Critiquesdecasino.com. Perhaps it’s consoles or PC gaming that you enjoy- are you always the first to want to try new innovations like virtual and augmented reality headsets? Do you enjoy fun gadgets such as drones and hoverboards – or maybe you like all of this kind of stuff. There’s plenty to write about here, from speaking about new technology and developments to reviewing individual apps or pieces of equipment.

4. Male Grooming

There are many female beauty and fashion blogs online but less so when it comes to male grooming. If this is where your interest lies, you could share outfit ideas, provide skincare and haircare advice, styling, review products and much more.

5. Lifestyle

Finally, blogs started almost as personal journals – a way to capture day to day life. And these kinds of sites are still very popular, people love blogs because they’re personal and even if you don’t feel you live a very interesting life, you’ll find that you still have many interested. You could talk about everything from your diet and exercise, life hacks, review products you use, document trips and holidays and so much more.