5 Reasons For Employees’ Unproductivity And How To Solve It

5 Reasons For Employees Unproductivity And How To Solve ItSource: Pexels

Your company’s success depends on a number of things, but the most important one is your employees. If they’re reliable, knowledgeable, professional and responsible, they’ll take your business to the top. However, if they are unproductive and unwilling to put in a hard day’s work, there’s no way you’ll reach success. But, what can you do about their productivity – once you notice it? Are there any ways to raise it and what should you do with unproductive employees? Here are a few most common factors of unproductivity and methods of dealing with them.

1. Contradictions and Inconsistencies

This could easily be the top factor of unproductivity in millions of offices around the world – the staff is told to perform a task and right before their work is completed, the bosses change their minds and ask them to do something else. If this situation happens in your company day after day, your employees will always be in a sort of limbo, now knowing whether they should follow your orders or wait for changes and updates.

If the general direction of the company keeps constantly changing, how will they know what to do and how to react? So, if you want your workers to focus on their work and performance instead of uncertainties, make sure they know what to do and don’t change their tasks unless you absolutely need to.

2. Appreciation and Praises

This is quite simple – if your employees do something good, show them that you’re satisfied with their performance. Everyone enjoys being praised and applauded, especially in front of their peers, and an occasional pat on the back will do wonders for their productivity, says a 2015 study conducted at the Harvard Business School.

This is particularly true for workers who do something innovative and unexpected, as those should be additionally appreciated. If you raise their salary, give them a bonus or promote them to a better position, their motivation will just rocket! Ultimately, such an outcome will inspire other staff members to work better and reach a better status.

3. Poor Working Conditions

Being stuck at work for nine or ten hours a day isn’t easy, but it becomes even more horrible in bad working conditions. What your employees value the most is a pleasant office and the environment they can feel comfortable in. Lots of outside and inside noise, bad lighting, poor air quality and overcrowded spaces could kill anyone’s desire to work in a matter of minutes.

So, what you need to do is to transform your office into a space your staff will love – provide proper lighting, minimise the noise and get a couple of high-quality air purifiers that are ideal for commercial properties. Once the air around them becomes more pleasant, your workers will focus on their work and achieve better results.

4. Inadequate Supervision

Finally, maybe your employees aren’t the problem – maybe it’s you? Workers who lack supervision or are supervised poorly often do very little and waste their time at work. When they don’t have someone watching them and analysing their results, they see no reason to do their best.

On the other hand, inadequate supervision is equally damaging – if you don’t motivate your employees every single day, you can’t expect them to be productive. Also, remember to keep your promises, stick to the agreed plans and give your staff enough room to breathe.

5. Outdated Equipment

In this day and age, giving your employees improper, faulty or outdated working equipment is not just wrong – it’s absolutely unnecessary. With all the developments in technology, you can always be up to date with the newest trends and ensure your staff has the best tools for work. Using old computers and machines will, however, make them slow and unproductive, which will reflect badly on your company, and it’s only a matter of time until the customers and clients start noticing it as well.

Other Factors of Unproductivity

Some of the other things that might affect your employees’ productivity are poor communication between you and them, ineffective middle management and negative attitude towards work. If you manage to solve at least some of these problems, your staff will be happy, satisfied and, most importantly, way more productive.

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