5 Reasons Why Your Car May Be Totaled

5 Reasons Why Your Car May Be TotaledSource: Pexels

A junk car is a vehicle that’s outlived its usefulness for a variety of reasons. But not all junk cars are placed in that category due to age or previous working condition alone. The average lifespan of a vehicle on U.S. roads is currently almost 12 years. However, not all junk cars make it anywhere near that age before being having to be towed away, and either traded in or sold for parts or scrap. But what are some of the most unexpected causes of a totaled car?

1. Rain and Flooding

Drivers often think snow and ice are the most serious weather obstacles, but research proves rain is far more dangerous. As opposed to simple blind spots, whiteouts, or slick areas, a wet road is a constant and continual danger. Relentless rain also leads to flooding. And according to weather analysts, 2016 had 19 floods across the U.S. which proved to be a higher number than any other recorded year in history. Losses due to thunderstorms and floods can be disastrous and easily include your primary mode of transportation.

2. Unexpected Fires

Most states are free from the debilitating disasters caused by widespread fires. But along the west coast alone, there have been almost 110 large fires just during 2018 which have destroyed or are still in the process of destroying almost 2 million acres of land. Anything standing or stuck in the path of the blazes will be devoured, and that includes cars. Obviously, that’s not an issue in the Midwest–thank you, Great Lakes. However, car fires still occur for a number of reasons. And when they do, the safety of those inside the vehicle must come first. You can always still get cash for your junk car once the smoke clears.

3. Natural Disasters

Fires, floods, storms, and sudden shifts in temperature all lead to natural disasters. But in this time of massive hurricanes, it’s important to pay close attention to those. In Houston alone, 2017’s Hurricane Harvey was responsible for the destruction of 44,000 homes and the need to file over 100,000 car insurance claims, 75% of which were totaled. Hurricanes may not be a factor in the Midwest, but electrical storms, tornadoes, and even blizzards can still be problematic on the home front–especially if you don’t carry the right extra insurance to cover the unexpected loss.

4. Car Theft

Almost 775,000 cars are stolen or involved in some type of theft every year across the U.S. That may not sound like a lot compared to the number of cars on the road, but it translates to one car being reported as stolen every 41 seconds. Even if your car is recovered, it’s often a shadow of its former self. The right insurance coverage can help soften the blow, but you may still have to deal with the fallout of an unexpected totaled car.

5. Car Accidents

Approximately 6 million car accidents occur annually, and a whopping 72% of those involve some form of serious property damage. Most of that damage is done to the involved vehicles. Alcohol is the main reason, followed in order by reckless driving and speeding. Even if you’re a defensive driver, you can’t control what others do on the road. Fortunately, you can easily dispose of your totalled car and pad your wallet at the same time. Contact a recycling or salvage company and find out just how easy it is to get cash for your junk car.