5 Retro Marketing Techniques That Are Still Effective To This Day

5 Retro Marketing Techniques That Are Still Effective To This DaySource: Deviant Art

Marketing has completely transformed into a different beast altogether. Once upon a time, no one had ever heard of a mobile business app or online marketing because they didn’t exist. And, if they did exist, they were of no real importance. Today, they are that important that they are the only marketing techniques most businesses use. However, discarding the old school methods of years gone by is a mistake because they can still make a difference. Here are the retro marketing techniques that you should consider even in 2015.

1. The Elevator Pitch

The whole point of marketing is to influence directly the people who can invest in your product. For the most part, those people are regular consumers who buy one or two items. However, they can also be clients with deep pockets. Once you create a buzz, you can look to other companies to invest so that you can both grow and expand. By pitching to them quickly and decisively, you have the ability to market to them directly.

2. The Business Card

Okay, the business card doesn’t circulate like a post on social media, but it still circulates. Business cards are never going to reach thousands or millions of people, unlike something trending on Twitter. What they do is reach the people who don’t use social media and who still rely on business cards. And, the best part is that these people are normally always in the industry. Whereas Facebook and Twitter target the general public, business cards target a specific group of people.

3. Exhibitions

Going to an exhibition is often looked down on as something that is pointless and arbitrary. The people who go there are not looking for anything in particular, are they? The answer is most people are there for a reason. Yes, they might not know that reason until they see it, but they won’t see it if you don’t have a presentation. Exhibition companies will increase your chances of success even further. Who knows, your biggest paycheck could come from an exhibition.

4. Network, Network and Network Some More

If you think that LinkedIn has the market sewn up, you are mistaken. Nothing beats talking to people and socialising. Only then can you attempt to persuade your superiors and your peers to take a chance. You see, most businesspersons take a chance because of the person who pitches the idea. Said person can use their charm and humour to create links that never existed before. Words and achievements on a page work to a degree but personality is what makes the difference.

5. Public Speaking

Public speaking is often a fear of most people’s because it is frightening! Still, the risks are worth the rewards. From your elevated stage, you can imbue people with ideas and philosophies that they never knew existed before. The result is that they hear every word you say and take it all to heart. A good public speaker can turn a crowd into a sea of support with the right words.

Don’t underestimate marketing techniques just because they are old. After all, old doesn’t mean dead!